Art is a Process

This past weekend I went WAY back to my humble beginnings on Skillshare.

In some ways I feel as though I’ve not made progress. On the other hand I feel I have.

Time and time again I look at my work and notice:

6. A lot of the new art for my new book is amazing.

The most important lesson is

When I show up everyday

I don’t care what you say.

Yeah I got a plan

I’ll paint what I can.

Even the ugly art is

dear to my heart.

Because it’s the beauty that makes brilliant.

When I share my thoughts there’s no I can’t.

What I see in my mind

On the canvas it sometimes doesn’t look fine.

Oh but the idea is wonderful.

Keep painting and creating, let go of the bull.

I did take a little break from the book this weekend

…and painted some fun confidence idea trusting painting and always makes me feel like there are no impossibilities

A writer who paints words





There is something about this drawing letters with paint. I love the idea of writing poems and words and pictures. I don’t know but this seems fitting. I don’t consider myself a hand lettering artist because I’m not interested in perfect letters but I do love the vintage ones on old buildings. I love letters and painting them too.


Oh the lettering that is simply written with such emotion is awesome . The other day I glanced at a yearbook and immediately noticed the lobster font. My next thought was oh my goodness how could they not have bought the font instead of using the free version. Yes I am a proud letter nerd.

My drawings are simple illustrations. No perspective or anything like this but just drawings.. the ones in my head. My process is to use awesome color like blue and pink.

I have come to realize I will be doing three tasks this summer.

I will :

  • greatly improve my drawing because I will be drawing every day.
  • be a fan
  • gradually add my artwork on sites like society 6 and perhaps etsy

For now I got to feel the love. My first book is finished but I need to set it aside and forget about it for awhile. This summer I will be taking my book from idea to completion and going over all the ideas  and resources that helped me write the book. Starting June 21 I will blog daily about this book. Fridays will still be fun days. Not sure how I will exactly schedule this all in.

IMAG0036For now I will continue to draw and post some artwork including wise trees on society 6 and threadless. I hope to pay for the cost of publishing my book and other projects.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible

thoughts are things

juxtapose unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas —J. F. T. Bugental

What a beautiful quote. I do like this word and brings to mind a watercolor project. These kids were painting. I reminded them to paint their flowers using bright beautiful colors. All children followed the the “rules” except one.  Later on as all the paintings were drying spread out across the table, I gazed. The painting that sparked my interest was the black flowers. I saw him painting and he enjoyed himself. He seemed calm in a slightly melancholic way. I wanted to know more and understand why he painted with dark tones even when as another student questioned it. Is this not what I hope to do with my book the wise trees and all the work  I do? YES

I feel this way sometimes. I don’t think rules. I j paint what I want and sometimes how I FEEL.

I did that here:

Abstract watercolor activity

I have tons of projects. The trees I’ve been painting are not your typical trees but they are my trees. This whole process reminds me to JUST BE.  Oh to be a walking juxtaposition.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.



watercolor blending…

with oil pastels.

I have been editing my book and that led to repainting a few of the trees. In every stroke I see improvements–improvements that came from lots of practice.  It’s awesome to see how blending with watercolor makes it easy to blend with oil pastels.

First edition:

  • I love the inner glow that radiates the meaning of this tree.
  • There’s not much contrast.
  • The leaves look more like seeds


2nd Edition

  • use my knowledge of blending with watercolor
  • blend light to dark
  • use a q-tip and my finger to carefully blend the colors
  • just letting the  oil pastel crayon glide on the page rather than pressing hard helps alot
  • using watercolor pencils and layering light to dark
  • coloring a leaf yellow then red makes an awesome honey orange color
  • bear seems like the right word here…one must bear the cold winters to get to the beautiful spring or let go of all the dead weight in order for beauty to grow
  • that’s just it, the dead weight is part of the beauty
  • color gets better with practice too.
  • the hand writing just makes more sense here


This tree is going into the book.  The best part of practice is you get to see transformations like this happen.

Imagine all of the impossibilities that are possible.

change is happening



This journal is going through big changes…I’m planning to write more on my whole writing and publishing a picture book experience.  I’m thinking 30 days of daily posts starting June 21st and possibly extended throughout the summer.  There’s going to be design changes for the blog and nothing major but just making sure everything is cohesive. Really who knows, but it’s all good.  My book will launch on my birthday…yeah that would be a great gift I will use my blog to promote my wise trees book and there’ll be giveaways like limited edition prints for the first few who purchase my book…there’s lots more ideas. I’m super excited!



Daily Prompt: Core


…love, art and every drop of paint I use to draw a phrase or these days trees. At my core is a sensitive soul who loves people. That makes me vulnerable and sometimes I say the wrong things. At my core is a song, dance, tear, laugh, love, hope, and a whisper…a voice that tells me I am free if only I believe it to be true.  Imagination, curiosity and weirdness are also at my core.

All I can do as an artist is to do just that with every word and picture I paint. Knowing what’s at the core of you and of your art is what it’s all about.


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Daily Prompt: Abrupt

There I am living-drifting at times and then Abruptly this idea emerges from the  sunny breeze.  There it is, even on a cold cloudy day as this may sometimes happen. What do you do with an idea? I love that book and I must answer. I think on the idea  and follow it. Or rather I hesitate but my curiosity and imagination have a mind of their own.

It’s wonderful when ideas like these happen abruptly



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thoughts are things


Life is much too short to be vague. I have been thinking about this ALOT. I love my life and I love all the possibilities that I think up. I can create my art and share it with the world. Those who love will.  Those who don’t, well I’ll love.  I’ll create the kind of art that I was born to create. I mean why in the world would I not want to. Why in the world would I allow someone to define me? I define me. I choose to show up. Am I really?  There’s that world vague again. That’s just it when I am loving I’m not vague. Sure there are moments but in the grand scheme of life… no.

These beautiful red-velvet hearts are a new creation that I recently added to my shop. I felt a little overwhelmed with the wise trees book and took a little break…a few days. I’m almost done and have started a drawing class…got to record notes on this tempera paint layering technique.

-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible




thoughts are things

There you are LIVING and doing what you do. Until it happens out of the blue. It’s this warmth in your heart. It’s a song…it’s art.    Yeah this is the intro to my love poem and I have been working on this for a long time now. It’s a poem I wrote about love and it’s a hopeless love story that you experience with yourself and then the world. We all have an amazing song that should be danced to and celebrated. The real question is do we believe so.

Here’s the work in progress.



My song has to include art. I am almost done with the wise trees book. If my fans love my blog I know they’ll love my book. In the meantime I am working on tons of art because if I want to get good then I better be drawing and painting every  single day! What am I saying? I am great! I listen to the birds sing and feel the warmth of the sun…nature and all its glory! I hear your song and I surrender singing back.

Oh to celebrate I am giving away these guys.


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thoughts are things


What thwarts us from our chief aim in life? What keeps us from living as our true selves and loving every moment. OK really being in love with art that of COURSE you pull in the all nighters and all dayers to get all the little things done.  You don’t mind these little things because you see your finished book or t-shirt ready and you believe in the message.   I’m realizing that I’ve always had lots of questions. I’ve always been curious! ALWAYS! But that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do with curiosity. What matters is how well you are able to follow your curiosity and what  you do with it.

What thwarted me from my chief aim in life? I know now that I didn’t listen to the voice and surrender to it. I will all of my heart surrender! I am here and I surrender. I listen to the voice echoed among the swaying of the branches sun-kissed by the sun. Oh I hold my hands like a bird ready to fly. I’m here. I’m ready and listening. Listen to me.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.


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