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I’ve grown since I painted the first wise tree. For every wash and texture that went wrong, I learned–learned how to find my place, to practice and FLOW. Yeah I’ll write books for while.  I rewrote the Ana and George. Ana isn’t a bee anymore. Not sure what animal she’ll be.

I came across the loveliest work twice. A giraffe who stands tall, his neck becoming part of the pattern of birds flying in the sky. The awesome quote treads,” I’m like a bird.” What a wonderful idea!

And the other is an I Heart Guts collection. It’s cute, funny, and unmistakable.

Both of these are unmistakable and creative.  Both are created by artists who simply did.


-There are no impossibilities



thoughts are things

It’s Saturday night…



hand painted tree with pink watercolor monotones

and change feels good. I’ve been updating my art website. I put aside the wise trees book and started editing the Ana and George book. Seems like there’s always something to work on. The more you work on projects the better you get period. You learn not to care so much about the nonsense.

Oh right, this Friday I should post a tutorial on this fabulous pink tree. I am excited for the changes to come. I am ready or at least I believe I will be. The more you play the more confident you become too.


-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things

crazy and creative

blue hearts

…I remember painting these hearts thinking I don’t want these hears to be perfect because what heart really is, but as long as you have color it’s all good.

Sometimes I have a million thoughts going on in my mind. I love working on projects and I want to share that. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with creativity and creating can also be CRAZY.

I’m learning to draw and learning freelancing and just the idea of getting my work out there has become a full time job. I’m tired; I work on art every single day and end my nights with a late night uplifting movie…yeah

I’m just taking a moment to relax and embrace these million ideas. Why this morning I was thinking about maybe my two characters shouldn’t be a bee and a butterfly. Who knows. That’s another book. Today I’ll finish scanning the last of my trees for the wise trees book and oh yeah finish up a t-shirt design. I am still finished up the drawing class and so the truth is that the life of an artist is rather crazy.

I keep saying I must focus and I will definitely work this out. All I know is this is all I hope for:

hand lettering on what art is

-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

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thoughts are things, watercolor and tempera

finding quiet time

There were times when I had this idea emerge and I’d go with it no questions asked.

have courge hand lettered quote


AND then there were times when I had doubts and fear.  That kind of quiet can be hard. The best part of having a quiet place is that you decide on positive or negative vibes. 

Having a quiet place…YOUR QUIET PLACE allows you to notice when you do both and think about it.  Then you create your masterpiece. Sometimes there’s no quiet place and you still manage to have this idea. That’s when you know you really have to go with it. BUT you need that peace and quiet place to take your time and flow with the idea–nurture it. 

Yeah working on my book has certainly given me this perspective on having a place. I mean yes inspiration literally happens anywhere. In a room full of noise you can suddenly have an idea. This still represents a quick quiet place in your mind. You can physically set your self in the right place that will allow your creativity to flow. Either one and both at times are awesome.


  • I really like taking these few days a week to reflect on my book project and what I’ve learned in the process.
  • Rearrange my posting schedule and see what works best.
  • I’m thinking Monday, Tuesday  and Friday.
  • Monday and Tuesday are for thoughts are things
  • Fridays will still be fun Fridays and WAIT what project and  I working on this week?
  • Mireya you’ll figure it out and now it’s time to go work on your bright idea to hand write each and EVERY word for the wise trees book.


-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible


thoughts are things

thoughts are things

juxtapose unexpected combinations of colors, shapes and ideas —J. F. T. Bugental

What a beautiful quote. I do like this word and brings to mind a watercolor project. These kids were painting. I reminded them to paint their flowers using bright beautiful colors. All children followed the the “rules” except one.  Later on as all the paintings were drying spread out across the table, I gazed. The painting that sparked my interest was the black flowers. I saw him painting and he enjoyed himself. He seemed calm in a slightly melancholic way. I wanted to know more and understand why he painted with dark tones even when as another student questioned it. Is this not what I hope to do with my book the wise trees and all the work  I do? YES

I feel this way sometimes. I don’t think rules. I j paint what I want and sometimes how I FEEL.

I did that here:

Abstract watercolor activity

I have tons of projects. The trees I’ve been painting are not your typical trees but they are my trees. This whole process reminds me to JUST BE.  Oh to be a walking juxtaposition.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.



wise trees book

watercolor blending…

with oil pastels.

I have been editing my book and that led to repainting a few of the trees. In every stroke I see improvements–improvements that came from lots of practice.  It’s awesome to see how blending with watercolor makes it easy to blend with oil pastels.

First edition:

  • I love the inner glow that radiates the meaning of this tree.
  • There’s not much contrast.
  • The leaves look more like seeds


2nd Edition

  • use my knowledge of blending with watercolor
  • blend light to dark
  • use a q-tip and my finger to carefully blend the colors
  • just letting the  oil pastel crayon glide on the page rather than pressing hard helps alot
  • using watercolor pencils and layering light to dark
  • coloring a leaf yellow then red makes an awesome honey orange color
  • bear seems like the right word here…one must bear the cold winters to get to the beautiful spring or let go of all the dead weight in order for beauty to grow
  • that’s just it, the dead weight is part of the beauty
  • color gets better with practice too.
  • the hand writing just makes more sense here


This tree is going into the book.  The best part of practice is you get to see transformations like this happen.

Imagine all of the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things

Daily Prompt: Abrupt

There I am living-drifting at times and then Abruptly this idea emerges from the  sunny breeze.  There it is, even on a cold cloudy day as this may sometimes happen. What do you do with an idea? I love that book and I must answer. I think on the idea  and follow it. Or rather I hesitate but my curiosity and imagination have a mind of their own.

It’s wonderful when ideas like these happen abruptly



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thoughts are things

thoughts are things


What thwarts us from our chief aim in life? What keeps us from living as our true selves and loving every moment. OK really being in love with art that of COURSE you pull in the all nighters and all dayers to get all the little things done.  You don’t mind these little things because you see your finished book or t-shirt ready and you believe in the message.   I’m realizing that I’ve always had lots of questions. I’ve always been curious! ALWAYS! But that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do with curiosity. What matters is how well you are able to follow your curiosity and what  you do with it.

What thwarted me from my chief aim in life? I know now that I didn’t listen to the voice and surrender to it. I will all of my heart surrender! I am here and I surrender. I listen to the voice echoed among the swaying of the branches sun-kissed by the sun. Oh I hold my hands like a bird ready to fly. I’m here. I’m ready and listening. Listen to me.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.


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thoughts are things

Visiting old designs


My most favorite designs are ones that I worked on for the thrill of it. The ones I painted with an I don’t know, a giggle smile that started with curiosity and ran with my imagination. I think of the rabbit who huddles with her baby ducklings and below it written with my hand lettering style is an amazing idea. Be open minded. The world has yet to see this masterpiece sketch but the fact that I think of it always, is a sign that I need  to paint it. These ideas are the ones I  hold near and dear and the ones that I need to share with the world.


I loved making these flowers with a spoon fork and that idea led to a whole new book idea on creating awesome flowers. Yes one idea leads to the next.



I am so blessed and I thank…well he knows.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

thoughts are things

thoughts are things


As an artist there’s this whole idea of seeking fame and dealing with the people who tell you to get a real job. You even doubt yourself!  Why shouldn’t they. I don’t know about fame but to earn a living doing what I love and doing it my way is WELL that’s my living dream. 

I had to face a terrible truth in my heart. I had to realize that my PRESENT for a long time was filled with doubt. I had the desire but deep down I didn’t have faith in my art. Yes I loved my ideas and I wished but did I LIVE IN THE PRESENT? Did all of my daily to-dos and thoughts dedicate themselves to this desire? No.

All of the ones who are living the dream ALWAYS BELIEVED and its as the words of the great Muhammad Ali said,  “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” He also said, “If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it—then I can achieve it.”

The present may be a certain way but you must see the present as it is truly meant to be. The present is a gift! What you choose to think of it makes all the difference. Your present actions influence your behavior.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.


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