And I thought digitizing watercolor was hard

I’ve been scanning my art for a long time. I know that a minimum 300 DPI is a must. And you have to choose the right setting like color, text or similar setting. Scanning my art at 600 DPI wasn’t working. I tried for at least an hour to adjust the levels and new toolsContinue reading “And I thought digitizing watercolor was hard”

More doodles

Today I sat for two hours…the house was calm … too calm…but I sat with my creativity and let my mind wander. One idea led to the next. I thought about my letters and added more ideas. Lots more! Gave each letter a thought. I now have a map, a map that I’m excited about.Continue reading “More doodles”

Lettering Practice

Now that I know I’m doodling the whole book, I spent part of my lunch lettering. I remember the days when I’d research lettering styles and go over the anatomy of type. Takes me to my skillshare hand lettering reference guide. This sheet is a free downloadable from I just love these letters. IContinue reading “Lettering Practice”

Dear Inner Critic

Today was a weird day. Not that other days aren’t. Sometimes I have these days where nothing works. I’m learning to get past that by continuing to create. I get an idea and then it gets lost in the process. The acrylic paint was too thick or old. The flirty color scheme didn’t mix right.Continue reading “Dear Inner Critic”

Hand lettering…

my whole book? Well I should think so. This copic marker has worked out great. I really need some new colors. Pink and blue…lots of blues. The best hand lettering happens when you just practice and let your style blossom. I believe in this book and the message. And with that. it’s time to startContinue reading “Hand lettering…”

Doing What?

So last night I read some tips on how to get “stuff” done effectively. One could be busy-busy but the deep question is DOING WHAT? That’s exactly how I felt today, and probably why I’ve been doing some fun art … in between the illustration painting for the book. DOING WHAT? I paint my curiosityContinue reading “Doing What?”

hand lettering the whole book

Yes. This will be the first book I completely hand letter. I just keep going back to Austin Kleon’s awesome books. I want to do it. I’m going to do it. That of course means I’ll re-paint the poem again. I have just the right aqua. I’ll practice more lettering. I can feel myself aboutContinue reading “hand lettering the whole book”


is a gypsy phrase that I painted a while ago.Why not simply paint and let the idea emerge as I paint? As I create this year I want to simply do what I want to do and have fun. Freddie Mercury was a wise man. Chachipe’ is a gypsy term I learned while watching aContinue reading “Chachipe”