Wisdom Tree

There was an Oprah speech a Sean Wess podcast I haven’t lsitened to in a long time, Laren Daigle’s You say and a movie.

BUT as I hand lettered my words all I could think about was Muhammad Ali’s rhyming. I ‘ll give it a try.

The only world I want to listen to makes me feel like I can do.

With her breeze she always puts me at ease.

The sun warms me. There is no doubt, I clearly see.

I will paint what I want

I got talent and I’m gonna flaunt.

You see flaws. Please put away your claws.

Cuz I got the breeze, she’s telling me keep walking with ease

There is no greater power than love,

I’ve got love

I swim among the most beautiful doves.

Today I gave a writing lesson to a first grade class. It was brilliant and I discovered …I’m a writer. This week was incredible. I sat down and I drew letters. I drew. The more I spend time in nature, the more I can say girl, Flow. Just let go and create. You got this now get out there because…there are no impossibilities

Fall Hand Lettering #5

Okay so there I was practicing with a new water color brush. I was doodling some letters. It takes practice to handle the brush and so I was thinking maybe do something for the series. The problem is nothing came out right. Then it hit me the H. I love the swirl and the heart detail. I hadn’t even planned for it. Important lesson is to practice and play. 0925151659[1] 0925151659a[1] 0925151659c[1]

It’s My Party And I’ll…

Cry happy tears if I want to… yes today is my birthday. I am loving loving life. Okay so the picture I had imagined for this birthday doesn’t exactly look like I imagined it but… I did some painting last night and realized something important. I didn’t use a pencil to sketch. I just tested out various brushes. I was carefree and jut drew. Wrote different words some of conversation that was happening around me at that moment.

Here they are



This is the first time I painted letters this way and I loved it. I think of what it will look with tons of practice. Yeah I think I finally figured out what I want to do and maybe answer the question. What is my purpose in life? I love writing and thinking about my purpose. Why not combine that with the thrill I get when I hold a paint brush in my hand and create what I want.  I am a hand lettering artist. That’s worth celebrating!

Oh quick update…I will be decorating a pumpkin, hand lettering projects, maybe using pumpkin seeds or candy corn to build letter forms and so on. Oh and hand lettering from my favorite place of course Disneyland.

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