Fall Lettering Day #2


I love this one and had to take a picture of it because I have seen this free flowing style before but it has a slight difference. It has a fun slightly Halloweenish feel to it…if that’s a word. You want to think about your audience. Yes Halloween is filled with ghosts and goblins but you have to think about your audience. What are you going to say and how are you going to say it? It has to be relatable to the audience. In this case its mommy and child.


I did it everyone and I learned not to give up! Okay I have learned this before but wow what a kick in the butt.  I did I don’t know how many retakes and frankly I am sick of looking at a screen right now. I am proud of my class. I know that I will look back and see all these I wish I did this or that but its good enough. I think its a great time to settle down with my latest read: The Alchemist    Oh I wanted to share the link in case you

are interested. http://skl.sh/1iFKjMi. Just click on the link and you can earn yourself a free month of skillshare. There are tons of awesome classes.

Don’t forget my Fall theme hand lettering series kicks off October 1st!