Curious + Imaginative

That’s me. I’ve been painting flowers. Lots of them. I like the colors. The shapes. I’ve noticed some but there are many heart shape petals out there. Since I can’t come to nature, nature seems to be coming to me. I’ve had a how to create a flowers idea for a long time but…

flowers with quote

In a few days I should probably give Different Is Beautiful another round of editing. I do take breaks. I want to judge with a fresh pair of eyes. Wait judge? It was interesting when a podcast host advised me out on judging my work. Sometimes students will look at my work and say” wow that’s so good.” I react with an atittude of, really? The advice, STOP! We all think about our work. Don’t think just create. I seem to be doing that these days. I just go with a sketch.

I love to create! I always have. Here;s to all the awesomeness to come.

Daily Prompt-Hand

I am here. I paint. All I want is to to be known for my style, my work, my style, and my color. Am I nervous for the days to come or the change that needs to happen. What would I do without the hand that holds my brush or the finger that allows me to type these very words. Wait I have an idea!

So where are you? What are you doing? Are you lending a helping hand?

Spring is almost here!

I’m enjoying the richness of purple. I like the beauty and simplicity of flowers. You can create with any color or brush you choose. Use a flat brush. Use a round brush. Use an ornament. Use a q-tip. Use your thumb.

Hope you had a good week.

Self Love

I’ve said I was done with collage animals. and Yet, I keep adding to the collection. I filled my journal with collage animals and insects and WOW. I need a few more wows to drive home different is beautiful. I added a few insects, made a few changes to exisitng animlas and working on a punk rock bird. The digitizing has begun!

I love how one project leads me to the next. For the past couple of days it’s been flowers. It has to be because I painted them with students. Yes, and one cold morning flowers eased my heart. I express self love in my art and books. It’s not about ego. Self love is knowing to look within for the answer you seek. Self love is knowing to believe in you. Self love is taking care of you. Self love is protecting yourself against harm. Selfl love is being open to a solution and better days. Sometimes we need a flower or art to remind us…

A dry blush drush makes beautiful flowers. I should have used a different tone of green but this teal was within reach. And yes 21 ways to paint a flower is the next book. I still need to work on the love book. I will.

Painting Poppies

Here’s the first try, sketch and all. What a mess.

I took my time sketching and then I messed up. So I took another sheet and painted. No sketching just painted. Mixed up some color. What a masterpiece.

I still need lots of details but this is great. The color and poppies in three growing stages really express others will try but you live your story. Everyone blooms at their own pace with their own beauty. Wait… that’s a storybook lion who was a late bloomer.

A few more leaves, some white acrylic to cover up the mistakes and more details…this is awesome.

Now it’s time to go do some more digitizing.