Today Is Earth Day!

I almost forgot. Bless the person who reminded me. I planned to release Different Is Beautiful today. I decided to postpone the date. Oh but the ebook is here. This book is a celebration of our beautiful world. I remember last year. I was searching activities for my classroom. I am the Earth is a beautiful song!

I wrote this book inspired by the wonderful collage artists in room 13 at LEE school! Differnet is Beautiful is a celebration of Earth! It’s a celebration of you and I. Everything in this world is differnt and yet the same. There is something amazing about all of us. We’ve only to look at the world around us. I’ll leave you with images and words from the book. Enjoy! I had other pieces. I have yet to scan them but I know the tree with a beehive is a wonderful addition to the book. These additions will be in the paperback when it’s published. Maybe summer or Fall?

I had so much fun creating these guys. So much work went into the book. I should do a lessons I’ve learned. Yes.

Yes, we have to be strong to survive. Our strength comes from who we are, and what we possess.  It’s how we are built or lack of that helps us thrive?

If every part of nature stands apart from the rest, then don’t you? Yes. The Wright Brothers had a crazy idea. The world said no but they knew better, thank goodness.

When I think of all the research I did I laugh. Giving myself the creeps at midnight, looking up Viper Fish and having all of these Viper images pop up, I smile. I’m an artist with BIG curiosity and lots of ideas.

Let’s take care of each other and take care of Earth! I wish I could post the whole book here but I can’t Please do check out the ebook. It’s only 2.99.

painting trees with a straw

Here it is. I used a straw to spread the paint every which way. I was careful to blend in yellow over blue to create beautiful shades of green. Then I used a brush to flatten the paint and add a little more texture.

I do love working with a straw as it creates sporadic beauty. But it takes time. The layers work best when you allow each layer to dry before applying the next color.

the cover…

Love is what I feel when I am in nature.

It’s why I wrote this book. This week I want to explore more ideas and continue to embrace my creativitY

This week’s activity list is to:

  • work on the paperback cover
  • submit the final copy for my paperback
  • top 10 ways to paint trees
  • learn creative ways to market my books
  • speaking of marketing, what’s my story and am I telling it across all of my social media platforms

I look at this past week’s art

hearts collection
teating out collage work

another heart
exploring ideas , really this life is a roller coaster book has been hounding me for years

Wisdom Tree

There was an Oprah speech a Sean Wess podcast I haven’t lsitened to in a long time, Laren Daigle’s You say and a movie.

BUT as I hand lettered my words all I could think about was Muhammad Ali’s rhyming. I ‘ll give it a try.

The only world I want to listen to makes me feel like I can do.

With her breeze she always puts me at ease.

The sun warms me. There is no doubt, I clearly see.

I will paint what I want

I got talent and I’m gonna flaunt.

You see flaws. Please put away your claws.

Cuz I got the breeze, she’s telling me keep walking with ease

There is no greater power than love,

I’ve got love

I swim among the most beautiful doves.

Today I gave a writing lesson to a first grade class. It was brilliant and I discovered …I’m a writer. This week was incredible. I sat down and I drew letters. I drew. The more I spend time in nature, the more I can say girl, Flow. Just let go and create. You got this now get out there because…there are no impossibilities