Fear is the opposite of creativity…

Yes it sure is. I have been listening to this new podcast…well new to me! Here is the link…https://unmistakablecreative.com/

I listened to the one featuring Seth Godin.  He said some words that just made me feel so different…vulnerable and powerful… no excuses.

“If you are sitting there thinking how do I know if I will succeed. If you are asking this question then forget it because you have already lost”

Every time you are distracted and don’t feel like it or aren’t in the mood that is fear talking.

To conquer fear give it a name and recognize it. When it shows up dismiss it.

The real question is What is education for?

Please check out these candid conversations.

Go on listen and then create a hand lettering piece. I’ll post mine in a few days!

All About Creativity…


So there I was staring at a big white board and I thought what a wonderful opportunity to draw standing up. SO here is what I came up with. It is so interesting to see that through my drawings I express the emotions I feel and basically represent who I am? What do you think. Wait this is creativity and part of every artist.  I drew scribbles and then with a different color drew in enhancements for the objects I saw. Thanks Shantel for this wonderful class project!  I had fun doing this…..creativity is all about taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary, it is looking for a way when there is none, its improvising, its going with the flow but paving your own course……

If you want to try this then simply get some copy paper or notebook paper and just draw and let your pencil go and draw whatever comes to mind.

5 Drawing Projects

This project was amazing. I am an up and coming artist. I put way to much pressure on myself to be perfect and want to make a living doing what I love, that I haven’t felt free to just let the creativity flow. This projects really revealed the following. I write and think about love a whole lot. I love nature and am always daydreaming about how everything is connected. I am connected to the world with its nature and animals and the emotions that make us all human of course. I drew all of these within 5 minutes and the goal was to just let your creativity flow and develop a style. If you want a try at this let me know and I will post the link here. I was just so excited to post my work for the online class on skillshare that I had to copy it here.

1 Draw Standing Up.  Wow this began this whole notion of just going with it and tapping in to the expressions and emotions that are well me.

Draw with Music- Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran  I simply scribbled and drew without any plans and then I went back ans stared at it for a while trying to make something of the shapes and swirls.

Draw with rotation  See right through the heart

Draw while blindfolded

I thought this was going to amount to nothing but out of no where the shapes became animals and … Do you see the hidden puppy. I drew an olive and then I looked at it and saw ears…do you see it?

draw while talking and watching t.v and listening to others.

I had no idea at first but then I made out a pink crayon, old record player, heart kite,