watercolor and tempera

Who Cares?

I do love Paul McCartney’s new song. The biggest lesson I learned this year is who cares.

I love my letters. I love my drawings. I enjoy my art. Sure I need to go back to hand lettering. I love color. I should keep mixing. Isn’t that the point. I could be in this place of curiosity and explore!

Or I could doubt. Why would I ever do that. I have lots more projects to paint.

…to be contiuned

wise trees book

Show your work

Wise Trees book cover


I am procrastinating the final stages of my wise trees book. It’s true I have. I admit it to you world. The bigger question is WHY? I’m afraid of what” they’ll” think. Wise Trees came to me as I was strolling through the park, just me and Roxy.  Since then I have painted many MANY trees. I have written and REWRITTEN many times.

Book cover

title page.png

Yeah… this tree and the color works



I Believe this book is awesome. I know it is BUT I am curious what the world will think? I keep painting and repainting trees.

I pencil in a time to register my book with the Library of Congress but have yet to do so. It’s time I know it is. There are many other books calling my name. I want and need to answer before the excitment ceases. I can eaither hold on to this book for a long time or go with what I feel and revel in that I already know that kids love my trees.

To do list

  • hand write a few pages
  • put together the book
  • digitally clean up some of the trees
  • Show my work-publish it

-There are no impossibilities.

watercolor and tempera

Change The World…


So why am I posting this picture, yet again? Well a new year brings with it a new chance, a clean start, new hope and call it what you want but it’s a new beginning. I keep thinking about my purpose in life.  I truly believe that my life means something…that I am here for a reason..to change the world..whatever that means is the million dollar question. So this brings me to the above photo.

I love this Johnny Appleseed quote art and something magical happens when I am drawing. Yes I am a long ways from writing that wonderful and practically perfect letter and sketch like I often see in a You Tube Video.  Wow, some artists make it seem so easy….but as I have come to realize, hand lettering takes a whole lot of practice. So I am dedicated to practicing my letters and my drawings so I can share my art with the world.   If you are a subscriber, you may have noticed that my blog name has changed. I have changed my blog name to relate to my new shop Little Lemonade Studio…more about this later.  Thank you all for reading and subscribing to my blog. I will be blogging more and trying to spend time on your blogs.

I have realized that I need to keep working on my art, ideas and practice practice. My goals for 2015 are to write a children’s book. I have roughly written a few book ideas.  One day they just popped in my head and wrote them down… never acting on them until I came across a skillshare class on picture books and well I have to try. Wherever this leads me I don’t know but I want to take that chance and need to spend some time working on them. I will continue and work on my classes in skillshare. I will spend some more time watercoloring and really ridiculously improve my art. I love drawing and I love art. This is my new love and where there is love wonderful things are bound to happen…..

What do you want to achieve? List it below.

watercolor and tempera

Christmas Water Coloring


Please excuse the terrible camera. I need a new one. Did you hear this Santa? LOL