You Live Your Story

Today I worked on tons of awesome ideas. That means I have lots more content for the fall workshop. Yay. I also read, You live Your Story for two reasons. I needed inspiration. I had to check on my work. I made a few changes. The changes have now been published. The book made me smile, made me want to hold the book in my hands, turning each page. I should publish the paperback.

I got this idea to change the bookcover for Wise Trees. It won’t let go. Although I wrote it as a children’s book, I now realize it’s found a different audience. I’ve found my right audience. Kids love the trees. The grown up ones love the ideas. What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


I have a fast deadline ahead of me. There’s the Wise Trees book deadline and other projects. And yet I take time to paint ideas that have nothing to do with the project.  I have a book cover to finalize and the final draft–I keep saying this. It’s nerve wracking so I  have to paint.

Some projects are old…



but I had this inclination to repaint

Joy hand painted in bue


What a relaxing breathe of fresh air. This is my first book. I’m nervous. I have read the book,many times. I love it. BUT I must edit with a fresh pair of eyes. Why not take a breather and build my confidence with fun art?



OK so I guess my book can’t escape me entirely. I used a tree watercolor wash as a background for this quote. The idea for this quote is–WAIT A MINUTE should I do something like this for the book cover?



The WISE TREES BOOK helped me realize that I am a writer and a painter who needs to write all these stores in my head. It’s not fair to have them exist only in my imagination and not give them a chance. I will bring them all to life. Wherever I go whatever I do, the ideas are simply there-nagging me really.



Only now there’s many short stories but…

There are no impossibilities