Oh Christmas Tree

I haven’t painted cards for a long time. Card making is a tradition for me. Not sure how it started. I guess I simply wanted to create something fun and handmade.

Super simple acrylic painted cards

  1. Kraft Paper is nice to paint on.
  2. Use acrylic paint in festive colors.
  3. Deviate with an uncommon color like pink or neon green
  4. Good idea to test different brushes in both size and texture
  5. Dots are simple and fun
  6. This is good to create textures and practice painting…yeah I took a class with Ana Victoria Calderon
  7. Oh I have an idea to paint hearts for Valentine’s Day
  8. Love it
  9. I do need practice with watercolor.

-there are no impossibilities

Finding your voice…


Fight with your mind lettered poster


is like finding your purpose. That’s such a big task! It is. I’m learning that the best way to find your voice is to simply paint, draw, write–CREATE.  The words of a podcast echo loud and clear. Get out of your comfort zone and turn off the negativity.  Yeah GOLIATH is in my head but David’s there too. It’s been a relief to let go and–Let Go. I feel like my journal is filled with these kind of thinks. BUT IT’S TRUE.  The hardest part is to let go of the labels and the noise.  There’s always pressure to please and to make money–to be liked and live what we always thought as…the safe choice. The problem with safe means you’re not adventuring or learning something new–BORING. I love learning about art history. There’s something amazing about painting in a dark cave or the breath taking Babylonian Gardens. Or what about the language of William Shakespeare. Oh the painting on Papyrus scrolls like the Judgment of Hunefer. This is all new!  Gives me a sense of how and why and artist creates. I love this! Makes all the right sense. I guess that means I keep on writing “weird things”


Hnand pinted poster learn

New brush that I customized and I gotta say it felt good! I love the unpredictability.  I tried to apply the paint in a series of dots. Then the paint didn’t spread and I was left with these dots. I ran out of paper. I messed up this sheet. I could throw it away or keep going. So I played around. I let the brush SLIDE across the page. Suddenly the perfect quote happened. Love the not knowing no strings attached feeling–WAIT that’s part of stepping out of your comfort zone right. I’ve also been learning to draw and WOW! I need tons of practice which will be great for a side project. I’m exited to start that next week! Yeah just the right motivation to get back to The Tale of Anna Mary and George…wait maybe his last name should be Wild..George Wild

Imagine all the impossible things that are POSSIBLE.







Finger Painting With Acrylic and Watercolor

I’m looking for a cool background or pattern for my poems and quotes.

I’ve been playing with acrylic paint and watercolor of course.

acrylic paint stripe background

You’ve seen the one with crayola here Note to self, paint more of these. There’s something about mixing color that excites me. You add color and drop it on the page like this and spread it. There’s no structure. The paint just takes on a life of it’s own.  I love that.


I love dropping drops of paint and then using a flat brush to spread the paint in a horizontal motion. Use my  finger prints to create a pattern? Yes I will try that next time!

Instead I got this quote in my head and why not play around with it.


Oh dear I need more space! Oh but I do love this idea! I love the color. I used the dot method to grab a couple of colors and then paint….looks awesome but I want to go back to the drawing board with this one.

Here it is! Yes I am also testing different paper and this is a store paper bag. The purple paint is done in acrylic and the dots were done with watercolor paint.

Put your stamp on the world

I’m still going to try the fingerprint pattern.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!