Lessons in Creativity

Saw a post on painting rocks. I liked it. I did some research. In the afternoon I painted.

First layer is color. I added a 2nd layer with drops of vibrant ink.

Third round is details.
I just wanted to play and think. Rocks symbolize the meaning harden not your heart. Strength. I chose these symbols of strength. It would be cool to actually paint rocks and walk past them every day.

Not sure about the flower but the pink is good. I did another layer of pencil and markers to create more contrast. The fourth layer of acrylic brought everything together. The piece is almost finished. On each rock I will write a word that means strengh. So far I have honesty, integrity, creativity, knowledge and peace. Serenity seems to be on my mind too.

So I ‘ve learned:

  • watercolor paper is important and lucklily I can use the cheap stuff most of the time
  • going slooow and letting layers dry before the next is key
  • layering or glazing as some call it is part of my process
  • I like Bob Ross’ happy misttakes.

I keep visualizing the finished book. This illustration will be good in the book. These could be stickers. I like it. You Are Loved is going to be a good book.

Curious + Imaginative

That’s me. I’ve been painting flowers. Lots of them. I like the colors. The shapes. I’ve noticed some but there are many heart shape petals out there. Since I can’t come to nature, nature seems to be coming to me. I’ve had a how to create a flowers idea for a long time but…

flowers with quote

In a few days I should probably give Different Is Beautiful another round of editing. I do take breaks. I want to judge with a fresh pair of eyes. Wait judge? It was interesting when a podcast host advised me out on judging my work. Sometimes students will look at my work and say” wow that’s so good.” I react with an atittude of, really? The advice, STOP! We all think about our work. Don’t think just create. I seem to be doing that these days. I just go with a sketch.

I love to create! I always have. Here;s to all the awesomeness to come.


Words from the book

One summer afternoon I sat near a turtle pond.  I can still hear the flowing water. I can still feel the warmth of the sun. There I sat in thought and sketch. A turtle sat on a rock and I in my chair. The turtle is protected by a shell.  My big floppy hat protects me. I wouldn’t want to swim in the pond nor do I fit.  Sure, Turtles could rest on a chair but they much prefer the coolness of the water, as do I.

Daily Prompt- Light

A walk in the park.

With ROXY.

Warm sun hugging me.

Big hat to shield me.

Greetings of smiles.

Reveiw art projects of the past and thinking.”Wow I painted that. What an idea!”

The occasional cupcake with buttercream frosting.

Here I am listing a few of my favorite things. The sound of Music.

Seated in a pew, just me and you.

color and texture,painting on my terms. No still lifes or real lifes. All that is, is the wonderland in my mind.

My favorite song.


Midnight strolls among city lights.

Look up at the stars not knowing, then seeing the moon and the stars all for ne.

Books, new places, new food. I love so much…

Did I mention music? I sure love to dance!

Writing is wonderful.

I’m ejoying these daily prompts. To learn more about me browse my site. If you enjoy my words perhaps you’ll enjoy my books. Subscribe by clicking the button below. Today is the last day to get my latest ebook for free. Tomorrow I’ll be painting this tree.

Have a good day!

Idea Maps

I have a bunch of these. Depending on the project I fold the paper in 8 rectangles or 16. Sometimes it’s an idea map and other times it’s a story map. I sketch little page layouts. I use the back for even more pages. I should use only one side and then I can cut up the squares to play around with sequence.

Took me a while to get started but I’m liking where this is going. Ok now I’ll go and research for a mixing color wheel activity for tomorrow.

Stay healthy and thanks for subscribing.

Texture Exploration

I borrowed this idea from a watercolor class on skillshare by Ana Victoria Calderon. Oh and the acrylic class. I’ve been searching for the right blue purple galaxy sky. I want to explore black and gray tones to create the desired pink. For making clouds it’s important to allow layers to dry. I’ll share a few ideas for the book cover this weekend, maybe Monday? Then it’s focusing on creative exploration.

Creative exploration is good because you can:

  1. Learn what to do and not to do.
  2. You can discover simple ideas that can make a huge difference in your art.
  3. You relax

Have a good weekend? Please subscribe. Now let me go take a look at my notes and begin the first story map for the next book.

Painting & Practice

Not the post I had in mind b3cause this is even better. For a while, I’ve been wanting to paint nature’s heart shapes. I feel as thought these hearts have always told me,”No matter what, love is here.”

I love nature and naturaly I use lots of blue and green tones. Last nght I painted. The color mixing was great but the flowers and butterfly, not so good. That’s ok because I painted a beautiful flower the day before.

And then I realized…I’m good with mixing color! I enjoy working with watercolor. Watercolor is so free flowing. You can create many tones with one hue. I love transparencies but the vibrancy of an opaque pink and green like the flowers on the left…amazing.

What brings all of this up? I’m taking this watercolor + Gouache+ Acrylic with Ana Victoria Calderon. Gouache is much like acrylic but it works like watercolor. I really like acrylic but sometimes it dries up to fast. Where am I going with all this? I may have discovered how to improve my paintings. I’m not good with painting realisim but I believe color is my talent.

In the coming weeks I will contiune to explore all of these paints and practice. Practice helps you come into your style. I get that now. I have a way to go. I’m soon arriving! I saved tons of heart shapes found in nature. I’II be painting and exploring. The best part is I can use these paintings for my next book, LOVE.

Still working on edits and layout for Different Is Beatiful. The lauch date is April 21. Happy Friday! Thanls for reading! I’d love to see what you are working on? tag me on instagram @hellomireya

Investing In Myself

I’ve been stocking up on supplies. I am gathering my thoughts.

I want to have a book on my shelf that containes all of these easy wonderful textures. I can fill the first pages with my collage animals. I can have pages filled with 50 ways to paint a flower. I can have pages filled with letterforms. These letterforms could be fonts.

On the subject of letter forms, I can paint on colored paper and use various tools to create layered textures.

I was supposed to use these aniamls sketches to creaate my collage animals. At some point this voice said,” oh come on, just draw.”

I just read about rhythm vs. counter rhythm.

I don’t need facny pastels. Certain paints do make a differnece.

I think, say and write these ideas often.

If you want it then never stop fighting. Keep moving. These are the words I read in a Martin Luther King Jr. book. Just what am I doing to frully trully live my freedom? I know I need to invest in myself. How and where I choose to spend my time is a reflection of how I feel about me and my dreams. I apreciate the positive feeback for my books. Your kindness means the world to me. Monday will be a great day to work on the book layout.

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich and all I can say is I’m feeling vulnerable. I know what I want and yet my focus gets lost. It’s time to get real. Have something to say and say it. Go get em’. I’ve got to go.

Expo Marker Tree

Beauty can come from anywhere. This beautiful tree proves that you don’t need tools to create a beautiful tree.

I used three: blue expo marker, white gel pen, and brown brush pen from the dollar store.

I drew using two elements of design: shape and shading

Starting from the bottom I created a series of upside down v’s. The v’s get smaller as I move on up to the top of the paper. Then I went over a few of the lines adding darker layers in the middle section of the tree. Wait a minute, the blue and white make beautiful contrast.

Most importantly I had a wonderful time creating. Three trees that didn’t work out but the fourth is a magical charm.