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Live Your Story

I wrote this poem as a poster. I went through so many colors. My favorite was a much lighter shade of blue.

Somehow I envisioned it on a wall someplace. I recall an artist who travels the world painting his words and drawings. With each stroke he gives life to old buildings.

When asked why he does it, he says to bring color and smiles to otherwise overlooked villages. Not exactly these words but something like this.

I want my work to mean the same. To make people smile. To make people feel good. Like a song that plays on in your mind, days after you’ve listened to it.

And so, I continue to work on my live your story poem. Yeah, I can use this poem to practice hand lettering and get comfortable with my lettering style.


AND now of course I want to create a book.

sketches for writing a picture book
perhaps a new layout for the poem?
sketches for a book
…first sketch illustrations

OK February 14th is fast approaching but…

-there are no impossibilities


watercolor and tempera

Fall Hand Lettering Starts October 1st


For 30 days I will be doing what I love and that’s a whole lot of hand lettering. I will doing some fun inspiring projects and activities all in the name of hand lettering…which is my new hopeless love.  My theme will be fall inspired including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Get yourself some candy corn and pumpkin flavored whatever and enjoy! Be sure and subscribe so you can get in on the fun! Ooh I wonder if the the pumpkin spice oreos are good?

In a few days I will be posting a reminder along with some fun supplies I am going to be using! So for the first days or five we will be looking at some hand lettering examples and learning some quick details to get the creative juice flowing. This will give me time to start on some projects and start sharing those.

watercolor and tempera

Project for Lemon Theme Party

I am working on this project practice. A lemon theme party and have the notes on food I plan to serve. Let me know what you think. I have more that I will post on this party. Coming next week. Please hit the like button if you like it. Every like is a vote of confidence. Thanks!

little lemon

lemon party

watercolor and tempera

Challenge #3

Build a collage. Your theme could be…life goals, your favorite things to do, what you loved doing as a child. Your favorite things. You could even build a board to showcase it. Although the most interesting one is what you loved to do as a child.

This is a sample of one for my target audience for Little Lemonade Studio! I included some color schemes, toys and decorative elements. What I learned is that reliving those wonderful childhood days makes you feel comfortable enough-takes you back to the place of no worries, no concern for what ifs of any kind! This is when you can create you best! Have fun enjoy and play! I better get playing with my favorite childhood toys…


watercolor and tempera

Challenge #2

Squiggle Art-This is an awesome creative exercise that I learned from a 5th grade teacher. Thanks. Wish I could show you some of the cool pictures.


I drew a carrot.  Thinking about the words….You are good for me like a carrot is good for my eyes.  I don’t know just a thought….It was fun.

I was thinking I should create a pin board where everyone can put up their art? If you are interested hit the like button. I may consider it.

watercolor and tempera

First Creative Challenge-Retry

Hey I am at Disneyland tonight! So your fist challenge is to take the letters of the world…

Disneyland and make as many words as you can using only the letters in the word Disneyland.

I’ll give you a few…

land, Sidney, and how many more can you come up with? Have fun. I’ll be doing a creative challenge every Sunday along with fun lemonade talk about life and so please be sure and join me if you want more challenges.

Thanks. Please click the like button if you had fun.

watercolor and tempera

Hand lettering Project

The goal was to take my favorite animal draw a piece that draws from this inspiration. This is the family dog Roxy. I do love her!40872_1553615555177_1915397_n

Next brainstorm

0612150654 0612150654a

I basically came up with some words that describe Roxy and how I can express this in different ways. I played around with color, pattern and words and yes we both love nature.


There you have it and the flower, by the way, is another flower practice. I have been working hard and practicing a lot since I am a home and school’s out.  I am currently working on relauncing my etsy shop where all of my art will be available for sale. I am thinking of giving some away. I am also redoing my blog. I want it it to be ads free and really incorporate the brand Little Lemonade studio-the brand I will be launching.  Starting Sunday I will be posting a creative challenge in an effort to boost my creativity. I will be posting these every Sunday and every Wednesday I will be posting some of my projects. I am still working through the details. Please be sure and subscribe to my blog. I have some great ideas planned. Thanks!