Fun Collage Lettering

…and the digitizing continues. Usually I work on fun projects during the weekend. Yesterday I painted and discovered that using the right paper really does make a difference. I mixed up a beautiful emerald green and I forgot what else I learned.

Today I finally got to do some fun collage lettering. I picked up some origami paper at Daiso. I spread out my supplies and I was happy.

Art is my happy place. I could add this technique to my fall workshop. Yes now all I need is some fun quotes to work with.

More Hand Lettering

This quote is another awesome reason for this book. I have lots of stories to tell. I was reading Live Your Story last night and it made me smile. I write because I love too. I create because I have to. I do. This page is the only reason why I felt the need to write the don’t apologize for your art post.

At lunch, there I was using my agenda as a ruler. I was redrawing the hotel. I still need a few more. Road Trip eminded me of how much I love hand lettering. This week I will finally take this paper and do collage lettering. I think I should use the blue to do the book cover. I’ve been meaning to use craft paper.

I’m excited for what’s to come. Now it’s time for a little popcorn before I tackle the nitty gritty of all the wonderful digital file fun.