Road Trip Book has begun

Let the fun times begin. I ‘ve been drawing letters and today I found myself googling Hallmark lettering artists. Then just now I’m looking at my sketches. This is the “stuff” that I love to do. I’m good at it too.

I’ve also spent time going over the story notes from last summer’s road trip. I had a good time but honestly I had a bad attitude here and there along the way. Wait… this just gave me another thought for the book. Let me go write it down.

Ok so I began sketching from all of the places we visited. The problem is I’m no good at drawing King Tut. I can do a pyramid but….

I glanced over my sketches and realized that my book should be about the thoughts I had along the way.

Beautiful thoughts for a beautiful mind.

Yeah I feel good about this book. Starting this book will help me forget about Live Your Story so I can review it, with a fresh pair of eyes next week.

Tomorrow I begin Christmas Tree Designs.

Digitizing Phase

The digitizing has begun. The next phase is putting it all together. I already have a few pages that need to be redone.

Who’s my audience? Kids. That means I need to make sure my lettering is easy to read. And the color scheme, well this tree seems all wrong. As much as I like it, it has to go. There’s not enough breeze among the leaves. The I’ll be here sentiment, needs breeze. I pressed down too hard on the paper which made for thick texture. All wrong.

For a moment I doubted but there can be no doubt. Coincidently, I read this very thought today! I ‘m happy to be working on this book. I’ll revise knowing I’m writing for an audience of one. Me.

I’m grateful for the good dinner I had and now it’s time to continue the digitizing.

Summer Plans

new art for the shop

…and she’s at work on five to six new titles at all times. I read these words in an article about Danielle Steel and her career. What- wait- that’s the thought I had today, as I contemplate my summer plans.

Here’s a list

  • finish drawing for live your story and publish that book
  • work on hand lettering a word with in a timed session. I know, I’ll call it word wall.
  • draw cute animals…I am on the lookout for a good tutorial book
  • collage animals for the book
  • road trip book which is based on last summer’s road trip

I’m excited!

3 lesons for creatives

I have all these thoughts in my head. I even had the crazy idea to put together a new skillsharae class. So glad I came to my senses.

Today I am ready to start a new month. I set aside my book and am focused on the entire process creating the live your story book.

So what did I learn?

  • Let the kid PLAY. It was a hugh HUGE deal that I pushed past all of the mistakes and stuck with painting every single day. I’ve played around with texture and color. This play led me to 2 which is…
  • Build a good relationship between what I want to say and the elements of design. In this book I have gotten alot more create with my ideas and it’s been fun.
  • Getting a handle on simple habits like remembering to pencil sketch lighter, letting layers dry so I don’t smudge and most importantly manipulating the brush to do more.

With this book I really had fun and was able to keep resistence in place. The process I went through is literally what this poem is about. In the end I had to trust my ideas. Once I did everything was easy.

Something tells me I should try lettering this with a brown marker. On craft paper? Yes

Now this week I’ll keep up with the 100 sketches on love and the redbubble hearts sticker collection.

It’s going to be good.