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I’ve grown since I painted the first wise tree. For every wash and texture that went wrong, I learned–learned how to find my place, to practice and FLOW. Yeah I’ll write books for while.  I rewrote the Ana and George. Ana isn’t a bee anymore. Not sure what animal she’ll be.

I came across the loveliest work twice. A giraffe who stands tall, his neck becoming part of the pattern of birds flying in the sky. The awesome quote treads,” I’m like a bird.” What a wonderful idea!

And the other is an I Heart Guts collection. It’s cute, funny, and unmistakable.

Both of these are unmistakable and creative.  Both are created by artists who simply did.


-There are no impossibilities



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thoughts are things

Today was a funny silly day…the kind of day you go through emotions and ponder life. I did and know that elements must change as nature always does. Out with the old and in with the NEW ever changing lovely ways of sweet lovable nature. Only sometimes love hurts, but that’s just the way it must be…honestly brutal. Or is it the other way around?

I sat and wondered about life–my life and my circumstances. Inside I thought why oh why does it take so long for a dream to surface. Others make it seem so easy walking along with the wind in their hair without so much as a care. Others struggle to hold on and the wind knocks them down again and again but the love that love never gives up. I witnessed this while watching Jane Eyre. I feel this as all the artists describe and share their latest collaborations. This very word Tantrum makes sense…when you have one, well nothing could spell out the truth so clearly as a tantrum.

I came upon the sketches I drew 5 minute style:


My favorite is the top right one. Roots sticking out, sideways and all, branches broken, and yet still there is that little plant… a life. That’s where the tantrum happens. We cry and revolt against the status quote because we can not bear to be without what we truly want. No matter what we mustn’t let go. We must always feel–feel and revolt with our IMAGINATION, CURIOSITY AND ACTIONS. We can’t let go what simply is and therefore never die…



all that led to my latest Instagram postIMAG0036

yeah today was a silly day but as my neighbor said, “I can’t complain.” I sure can’t. These are the final sketches for my wise trees book . We shall see. Continue reading “thoughts are things”

thoughts are things

thoughts are things


All of my life I think and dream. I have always thought of how I can bring that element of art in what ever it is I happen to be doing. What matters the most to me is how I make them feel. Art is after all…well I painted this…

art is

I  think of all the times I’ve swallowed doubt right there inside the warm cup of green tea. I think about all the times I secretly swallowed the words…the lies that someone said and secretly knew the truth. I listened from a place a love…the only place and truth I know. I sit here and write this with every ounce of my being and know that my story…so vibrant and colorful is amazing because it’s my art–my story. I savor and then swallow the imaginary piece of delicious chocolate cupcake that will be mine. You see I planned to buy the cupcake Saturday afternoon but they sold out.

YES. I think the important question is not that I will swallow but rather what will I swallow. Yes the tea is great and it warms me so. BUT how can my favorite cup of tea really warm  me like a hug from a tree and all it’s spring or summer breeze, if I swallow with doubt? When I swallow and take a deep breath I do so with belief in myself because the word itself says so. Audrey Hepburn said so too. Do I swallow the words it’s not the right season for fig trees or do I swallow the belief right down to my soul that it’s the right day? The answer lies within what your mind bravely conceives. Henry Ford said so. I say so.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

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watercolor and tempera

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I just realized that I have no post set up for today. My regular posting days are Sunday and Wednesday. I do have something awesome planned and rather than rush I will move it to next week.  For now I want to reflect on the projects I have worked on.

I am proud of my work so far. I love my art and it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too as this is my ultimate passion and purpose. I really do believe that art is my purpose.

I have learned so far:

Art is whatever you want it to be.

You have to put your heart in everything you do.

You have to go through thousands of revisions sometimes to really get it right.

Just wander!

Success means you got past all the nonsense. But yes there has to be nonsense.

See you soon!

watercolor and tempera

Art That’s Cool – Mary Kate Mcdevitt

Mary is a letterer and an illustrator. What I love about her is that you can see her character in every piece she creates.

Where does she gets her inspiration from?

Well on her about page she says she “enjoys drinking coffee, thrifting, riding bikes, watching News Radio with her boyfriend Fred DiMeglio and renovating her home.”  Take a look at her work and see for yourself.  Mary, in her class, suggests that students choose topics of interests to create a hand lettered piece.

Mark teaches classes on skillshare and she  writes books that help us newbies learn too. I love her playful style! Perhaps you have seen her work at Target!

I remember seeing this card and thinking wow I love this.  Later on I came across her class and that led me to her site.

Which leads me to an important discovery, every artist has a style that people connect with. Her words are whimsical and play. Check out her site and you will see what I mean.

I am also starting to notice a pattern here. All the artists seem to be humble, kind and have a sense of community. What do you think?

This is a book that I want to buy.



Want to learn more about this artist?

watercolor and tempera

Art That’s Cool -Allen Say



At an early age  Allen dreamed of being  cartoonist and this was my favorite part of the story.  To succeed at anything in life you have to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone no matter how crazy it may seem.

He was also encouraged by his father’s friend to go to art school.  A teacher told him,”Someone like you should draw 14 hours a day. I am so captivated by these words because it reminds me to practice so much and dismiss those instances where I make mistakes.

What inspires me the most is the answer to a fabulous question,”Where do you draw your inspiration? ”

Allen drew his inspiration from the world around him-as evidenced in the above picture. Everywhere he went he brought with him a notebook an drew. He drew his teachers and even his experience migrating here all the way from Japan. I will never forget the part when he was left with little money and really needed a job. He actually did get a   job and one that would pay him much more than he had expected.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this book so please check it out.

Allen drew inspiration from being featured in a comic from another artist.

Allen Say is an inspiration to me because he lived his dream and drew with his heart.. He  many wonderful children’ books and  that’s something I want to do. For more about all his books and illustrations head here: