Creative Ways to Paint Apples

Latest project for a design class and I felt like a kid in a candy store! I have sketches for trees, flowers and birds. There’s a book project for the flowers. I have creative exploraton in a week or two.

You work with one simple object and explore elements of line, color, texture and all kinds of mediums.

My tools of choice: markers, pastels, pencils, copy paper, watercolor, acrylic, plastic

The blue one has this inner glow, perfect for a it’s what’s inside that counts theme.

The brown stem and green blue dabs make me think of this Johnny Appleseed idea.

I did a few with my eyes closed. The red sharpie was a good choice. I had another that expressed anger.

All this makes me go back and rethink some of my work for You Are Loved. This book is about creative exploration.

The stars they whisper…

I am loved. I am the universe. I painted most of this yesterday. Today I intended to paint an Eagle. The wings of an eagle, strong creating a heart shape. The wings of an Eagle would have been great. I ‘ll paint them tomorrow. We all have the streangth to soar among midnight skies over the towers of London, the Basilica in Rome, oceans of Austrailia… where we please. I should plan this project. That would be cool. I could include the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Egypt. Perfect. Done.


These blue and purple skies with all their stars and the heart shaped trees capture what I want to feel. I understand the hurt and the pain. Ok not like them, and yet I feel. That’s just it, we are us. I drove through LA on Saturday. The billboard, We’re in this together made me think are we really?

Painting the moon and the stars

I’ll be painting the moon and the stars today. I have a few texture ideas. I decided to do a few of my illustrations in collage style. I like looking at all the texture paper and letting my senses take over.

College work with texture allows for curiosity and in the moment ideas. I did get my journal books. Maybe I should go around the house and gather some odds and ends and…

Barn Owl Take 5?

Last night I gave my pastels a try.

I liked both for various reasons. The one I signed, now that’s the bird with attitude. I painted and was about to go down the road of try this and try that but I stopped just in time. I found the perfect words.

What a beautiful owl for a beautiful thought. Powerful wings? I am painting an Eagle!

Looking Back

I had lots of ideas. One of my favorites is Sin Soledad. I never feel alone when I am in nature. I like creating. Creating brings me such joy. This week I want to focus on more creative exploration. The podcasts keep telling me to create from flow. I want to learn all I can about typography, texture, design and creating my own fonts for books. I have and forgot how much I know about these topics already.

I have an itch to redo my website. The Ted Talk about purpose was inpiring. How can I unite my personal purpose to my creative work?

Note to Self

Some of the work you love the most isn’t perfect. There’s no definite baseline. The process didn’t go according to plan. Yes you had ideas but the ideas came from borrowed techniques. Steal Like An Artist is a great book on this topic. I wrote this book for me. It was a journal for all the thoughts that I needed to read and feel so I create. Remeber the artist who said that. Lots of artists say the same. Another artist was tired of people talking about her curly hair so she expressed that in art.

Now there’s an empty canvas with your signature on it. What are you going to say?

Posting days will go back to Monday. Wednesday and Fun Friday.

Always Positive Thoughts

I worked on this design over and over again. I had this idea. All was said and painted. I painted over it. The same happened with the bleeding hearts. Neither worked out. I had a quote. You gotta keep going. No matter how ugly, keep working. Moving forward is the only way to get to the good. And I’m left with an important question. There’s practice and there’s trusting in the process.

I thought twice about sharing this with you. No this won’t make it in the shop. The colors are much better in person. Some days you make good work. Some days you don’t. Every day is part of the process.

This week I’m not sure what I’ll be working on. Wait, watercolor effects with markers. Easter egg? I’ll have to review my map for ideas and read Different Is Beautiful!

Thank you so much for reading!


One of my good paintings. I like the blue but the feathers…

This weekend I worked on this fun universe with a glowing moon quote and lets just say I acquired two wisdoms. It’s good to work through mistakes. You really need to know when its time to let it go. Tommorow I’ll edit Different Is Beautiful. This week I’ll be working on the Love book. I have lots of fun painting projects.