Collage Lettering

There’s always a reason to believe that someone…the moon and the stars or the cool breeze on a hot summer day is routing for you.

It’s us, our ego that gets in the way.

Now is a good time to start my creative journal. I have a list. It’s good. Maybe today’s the day I’ll read You Are Loved.

Multi – Lettering

I wanted something simple and fun for the last three pages of the book. What a beautiful ending. I explored different tools but the calligraphy brush and acrylic worked. Choose colors that mix well. Dip in different amounts of paint. Results vary. That’s the fun part.

Testing out on copy paper. Copy paper is much cheaper than watercolor paper.

On watercolor paper for the book

Maybe it’s time to write a what I would tell the beginning artist. Sounds good.


The book is done. I am excited to share it. I will soon. This is the phase where I set it aside and read it with a fresh pair of eyes. It is truly amazing how the book comes together after countless hours of…you have all these notes, ideas and the main theme. Little by little you get rid of what doesn’t work and refine refine until it works.

For the remainder of this week I’ll plan out my creative exploration…more on that tomorrow and a three color lettering idea.

Moon and Stars

There is such a place. Not sure where but glad I found it during my research. I’m piecing together the book layout and checking my email. There’s a contest. What does your art mean to you? Choose one product and share it. Right now my etsy shop is empty. This is a great idea!

Painting this was another experience. Layers and layers. I do believe I got it right!

How To Write a Book?

I’ve painted so many ideas. I’ve written so many words. You Are Loved has been a way for me to step away form this bubble of life is all peaches and cream. Life is all rainbows and sunshine. The fact is there are dark times and terrible people. You can let it get to you, or you can focus on the good and take care of you.

At first I kept getting up. I had to do this. I had to do that.

The hardest part of writing is allowing yourself to sit and write. The weirdest thing happened. I had the end all figured out first. I pieced together the middle and the beginning. Two hours later I have a good idea!

Scanned and cleaned up the first half of the book. I have some new work and updated a bookcover.

Not bad.

My Pink Chair

To sit in this chair, looking in the mirror. You’ve got to know…know the song about make-up and a little prayer. You have all the beauty to conquer today. The lipstick and blush are simply frosting on the cake.

A book filled with thoughts like these are so good for You Are Loved. All illustrations are done. Words are yet to be written. I’ve got details. I have words but that’ll change.

All the projects good or terrible, have been part of the story. Many times I throw out an idea when it doesn’t work out on paper. There’s a lesson in every drawing. Let yourself go. Be Free. Learn what you can and MOVE ON. One of two situations happens. You keep iterating but you toss it with the strength of knowing you have a better idea. Or it works out. Sure I could reflect on the wasted paint and paper. I can’t do both.

When an idea fails, it’s not the idea that fails. We fail. We fail to see .

You Are Loved

Now these illustrations go together! I like the blue. I always go back and forth with the “right tools.” The tools could be any thing I choose. These illustrations are fun. I can see me, someone, turning the pages. Each page revealing a messagae of self love…makes me smile.

There was a tree trunk that I was excited about. The colors were all wrong. Deleted it. The original is trash. Every book has a story. This book has been a roller coaster. Some days it’s just me and my paint. The idea works. Other days I feel like I have to finish. I start making mistakes. I do have lots of time. I’m excited to finish up. I really want to move into creative exploration and the zine.

Wait, another tree needs a top coat of acrylic in the actual color intended.

All The Luck

Loves are rare? I like stamping circles and pink. Honestly there is such a thing as luck. If you are a likable person, people like what you do! Somehow the right people find you. Sometimes luck in the nick of time preserves your sanity.

SO I painted a clover. I added more dots. Pink ones.

There are artists who can paint beautiful realistic clovers. That’ll never be me. I finished the last of my painting for You Are Loved. The writing is good. I need to put everything together and create the font.

Live Your Love Story

I realize all the work I create is happiness. There’s flowers, yellows and beautiful blues. Is my life completely happy all the time? Not by a long shot. I am a happy woman always looking to the brighter side. In fact I write and create because I need positive thought.

Reading my own book makes me smile. Someone with my skills needs to build her tool box. So glad I read this book. I’m going to bake a cake before a few hours of writing for You Are Loved.