Creative Ways to Flower

100 ways to flower with power is definitely about choosing how you want to create. Yes I am painitng but this idea applies to all of us. We skills. We have talents that can help others. Anything and everything is art. There’s power in believing.

Hearts.Thumbprints, Index finder. Stamp with the side of your finger. pinkie dots. Blend as you stamp. Monotones. Stamp with pinky finger and drag. Stamp with your knuckes. I didn’t try that. Perhaps I should? Stamp with your palm. I was practicing sillouette puppets the other evening. It was a suggestion from Learn By Heart. I’m thinking of how I can position my hand to paint a few more flowers. I could stamp with the flat coiled side of my fist. Turn anger into love. That could work!

I’m about 30 ideas away from completing the 100. Now I want to shift more into stepping away from the palatte and techniques I normaly use.

As always thanks for reading! See you tomorrow. Let me go paint the a few more thumbprints.

There’s No Right Way.

I may have over stamped. I wanted enough white space to create a breeze. There is a pink version. There is a yellow version. Flowers have different stems and leaves. I’ve been collecting flowers on my pinterst board, observing shape and color. I want variation.

I want another list. How can I decorate with flowers? Maybe do lettering? Flower Fields? Bold colors? I’ve got another hand print idea. Then it’s brush techniques.

My goal is to explore the many possibilites with one simple tool. There is no right way to paint a flower. Anything and everything is possible. Isn’t it great!

I created a board for 100 ways to flower with power. I’ll be adding more.

Thanks for reading!

Sunny Flowers For those days…

Sometimes you don’t feel like smiling. Out of the blue, someone smiles and your day changes. You realize that there are lots of smiles inside of you.

I know that I should probably be painitng with thicker artist paper. I’m starting to like the texture from the 20 Ib paper. The yellow petals with the pink dot creates a happy vibe. Today I used my index finger. Was it my left or right? Right. Theres’s hearts, fingerpainting and friendship. I want to paint like this forever.

You could do fall colors. Have a field of flowers. They’d make good decorations for tea or brunch? I have a few more hand painitng ideas…I painted some leaves. Reminds me of window displays at Anthropologie stores. Collaboration dreams. Thursday’s post will be a review of all of the flowers. I have had such a good time painting with my hands. It’s always interesting to try a new brush.

Stay safe. I’ll see you tomorrow. If you want to subscribe, the link is above. It’s my birthday week.

Purple Palm Print Flowers

This is similar to painting a donut on your palm and stamping. I applied paint to the the very botton of my palm. At the same time I turned the paper stamping in a circular motion. Purple is the color of confidence and creativity. The photo is a little dark. There’s a familiar breeze.

…an artist doesn’t need fancy tools, just her favorites. She needs to BE free.

I’m curiou,s are you painting flowers? Tag me on instagram at @hellomireya

Palm Prints make beautiful Poppies

You paint a donut on your palm. Leave a little unpainted area in the center. Stamp. Easy. I observed what shapes I made and that’s all. To have a right idea, you have to be willing to let go and CREATE. My favorite part is that the flowers come out different every time. The color scheme of the first three flowers is amazing. I will clean up the pink. Just a little There’s this together we can, Together we will vibe that I can’t pass up.

a second try

Try blending monotones as you paint on your palm. Layer using dry and wet paint. Paint half a donut and stamp in pieces. You’ll see that next week. Have a good weekend.

Thumbprint Flowers…

turned out to be really fun! Painted more flowers than expected. I have beautiful flowers and no painting skills required. You just dip your finger and go. You can apply paint to a dry hand or wet. You can wet the paper.

You can press with one finger , two, three or four. Get a rhythm going. Oh I have much more to show and happy thought to go with them. Tomorrow and for a good part of next week I’ll be sharing more thumbprint ideas. When you put YOU in your work, it’s all the more beautiful.

Are you a subscriber? I’m currently doing a 100 ways to flower with power. It truly feels free when you get creative and just paint what you want. I feel confident in saying my work is good. So good right now! Create with me. Subscribe via the link above.

Have a good day!

More Dots

Exploration in size. And a little color.

Past designs The fish are cute. The apple has an earth vibe. The fower? candy dots. I didn’t intend to paint candy dots. I was just happy/ Art makes me happy. Just the thought of art makes me happy. It’s the thought of using a simple dot to create anything.

Here are the flowers the new ones.

I wanted blue and yellow ochre. I am imagining these flowers painted on brick or tiles. It could work? Sometimes it’s the color. Sometimes it’s how it makes you feel. Many times it’s what it takes away. Art is my muse. I am halfway through the flower exploration. Now I’ want to paint trees. I will but I have this celebration project in mind.

Use The Tools You Have

I like this tool. definitely a keeper. Good paint mixter too.

Today’s lesson began with the work in progress pile.

There are three piles.

  • I’m excited
  • work in progress,
  • good.

There is a fourth pile. It’s in the trash.

Before vs. After

When I paint with good paper it’s usually for the excited pile. I am loving copy paper. I never thought to use it for exploration. Wow, it’s so free.

I can see the beautful differnece between the copy paper and the vision paper. Copy paper surprises me too. For the remainder of the week I’ll be sharing all the thumbprint. and finger printing flowers. I still have a few more ideas for tomorrow.

I’m glad my palette was happy today. I’m happiest when I create.

To creaate your own flowers you can use a sponge/foam brush. Remove the sponge. Next week I’ll be using the sponge part. You could use a fork handle or a plastic knife. So many ways. That’s the point!

Create Happy

I wasn’t sure what to create. I was missing watercolor and tie dye seemed like a good idea!

Happinesss is a verb. You create it.

I wanted a silly flower to make me smile.