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crayons not masking fluid

Working on a book is harder than I thought. I had to take a break, catch my breath and keep myself in a happy place. OK so the original didn’t turn out so good, but there’s going to be lots of not so good ideas in this journal. I must practice.

I have gone through lots of watercolor paper and what I thought were genius ideas. Today I, for the like I don’t hundredth time, I messed up on the love poem again but the words are awesome and I’ll get it right.

In between my projects I work on fun projects to take a break . I just had to redo this one. I love the ripped paper near the words in case you lose it.

orange floweres

New version looks good. I just wish I hadn’t used a dirty eraser to erase some of the pencil markings. Why did I do that? Oh well you learn things.




How will this design look on a positive pouch?

Ok now that I had a little fun it’s time to go back to the book editing.


  • use crayons with crayons is easier instead of using masking fluid
  • use bold colors on a light wash background
  • use a light pencil to sketch out your idea first
  • observe flowers before you paint them to get a sense of contrast.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.




thoughts are things, watercolor and tempera

finding quiet time

There were times when I had this idea emerge and I’d go with it no questions asked.

have courge hand lettered quote


AND then there were times when I had doubts and fear.  That kind of quiet can be hard. The best part of having a quiet place is that you decide on positive or negative vibes. 

Having a quiet place…YOUR QUIET PLACE allows you to notice when you do both and think about it.  Then you create your masterpiece. Sometimes there’s no quiet place and you still manage to have this idea. That’s when you know you really have to go with it. BUT you need that peace and quiet place to take your time and flow with the idea–nurture it. 

Yeah working on my book has certainly given me this perspective on having a place. I mean yes inspiration literally happens anywhere. In a room full of noise you can suddenly have an idea. This still represents a quick quiet place in your mind. You can physically set your self in the right place that will allow your creativity to flow. Either one and both at times are awesome.


  • I really like taking these few days a week to reflect on my book project and what I’ve learned in the process.
  • Rearrange my posting schedule and see what works best.
  • I’m thinking Monday, Tuesday  and Friday.
  • Monday and Tuesday are for thoughts are things
  • Fridays will still be fun Fridays and WAIT what project and  I working on this week?
  • Mireya you’ll figure it out and now it’s time to go work on your bright idea to hand write each and EVERY word for the wise trees book.


-Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible


watercolor and tempera

How to create Watercolor washes

Do I practice the basics or get right to the painting? Sometimes I feel like practice. Most of the time I just want to play with ideas swimming in my head. Words from a song linger in my senses. quiero ser un alma libre…I want to be a free soul. quiero ser el verbo puedo…I want to be the verb will/can…

These days my free spirit wants to paint washes and backgrounds. I love the way color goes EVERY which way. There’s no telling how beautiful the finished piece will look– until it reveals itself. Sometimes people are always told don’t until the day they DID!

About watercolor washes…

The right brush

I love the way the paint glides across the page. There’s so many brushes-flat ones, round ones and angled ones. What’s my favorite?  I’d say it’s the brush that seems simple and new. It’s the brush I’m curious about and then say WOW when I realize what it can do. A mop brush holds lots of water and beautiful paint.

This is tempera paint but the brush is a nice flat brush. Can’t wait for my primary colors to arrive in the mail!

Tempera paint you warm my heart!
Tempera paint you warm my heart!

My new love is this bamboo brush. I bought one because I saw it someplace. The artist used black ink.  I love color and wondered what kind of letters I could create. Oh I have an idea!


Speaking of contrasting color

What color do I mix together? How do I apply the paint? However I want seems best! A light color yellow with a vibrant hot pink …you take my breath away.

Pink and Yellow watercolor heart

This next one is awesome but I need to go slow and clean up my letters. I do love the message and the heart! So glad this is a journal and for my eyes only.

Watercolor heart

Mix up green with red for a murky brown? Yes save this for when I run out of brown.  I hope I can have a painitng session where I’m so lost and run out of paint and in love with this idea that I just make some brown. Having fun with color is great to listen, relax and know thyself. This is a fun exercise inspired by a skillshare class from Ana Victoria Calderon.

Pulse and Precision

Don’t get me started on the blues. Perfect example of how to hold the brush and mix color. I blobbed and dabbed. I held at an angle. I twisted and turned.  I must say there’s a spontaneity that I love. Oh but that’s the best part!!

Blue eatercolor heart washesNo one dreams of being JUST another watercolor wash.

I’ve used crayon, alcohol, acrylic,bleach, salt, straws, fabric and who knows what else. This is just me being curious. What story do I want to tell? I like using different paints and media. I love working in layers. There’s so much to try so little time. The point is to use what I want because art is really about the place it’s coming from-me and my message.

I went from this


to this.

acrylic paint stripe background

What of this here? The color is awesome but the letters well…I don’t judge.

Happy Word Art

I had this quote. Okay lets change it up. What did I do?  I painted over it!


Somehow I lost the contrast. Sometimes you lose some. I do love the quote and where this was suppse to go. The color just went terribly wrong. The letters are pretty cool. This design didn’t work out the first time so I turned it into a positive? Well I tried.  Some will see the black or be so happy that–WHAT– there’s black? Maybe I need to combine both of these designs? Maybe?

Not sure what I will be working on next week but I right now I love not knowing.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.









watercolor and tempera

Finger Painting With Acrylic and Watercolor

I’m looking for a cool background or pattern for my poems and quotes.

I’ve been playing with acrylic paint and watercolor of course.

acrylic paint stripe background

You’ve seen the one with crayola here Note to self, paint more of these. There’s something about mixing color that excites me. You add color and drop it on the page like this and spread it. There’s no structure. The paint just takes on a life of it’s own.  I love that.


I love dropping drops of paint and then using a flat brush to spread the paint in a horizontal motion. Use my  finger prints to create a pattern? Yes I will try that next time!

Instead I got this quote in my head and why not play around with it.


Oh dear I need more space! Oh but I do love this idea! I love the color. I used the dot method to grab a couple of colors and then paint….looks awesome but I want to go back to the drawing board with this one.

Here it is! Yes I am also testing different paper and this is a store paper bag. The purple paint is done in acrylic and the dots were done with watercolor paint.

Put your stamp on the world

I’m still going to try the fingerprint pattern.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!




watercolor and tempera

Paint With Crayons?

Yes I did and I LOVED IT! The message is pretty awesome!  The idea of melted crayons and painting with them had me for awhile. I had to try.

First step bake some crayons.

I preheated the oven- I’m melting crayons and excited for what’s to come! What 325 degrees?

Crayon Project

Then after about 5 minutes or so take them out of the oven.

Melted crayons


…and this is the FUN part, paint and paint fast because the crayon will start to dry and stick.


Next time melt the crayons a little more, work faster and use these brushes.  Watercolor brush soap works great to clean the brushes.

Here it is! Takes about 30 minutes to dry. I must say I didn’t care too much for the waxy smell throughout the house. Maybe it’s because I used old crayons? Oh well…

Melted Crayon Paint Texture

It’s clear how quick the crayon dries. The top part is where I started  and much smoother. I love the color! Overall I love the Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar feel here.

How will this look with letters?

I Color with Crayons


Love the color and there is a little darkness but I guess that’s part of stepping out and doing your own thing. The beauty supersedes.

Is there a better way to paint? Do I melt the crayon more or do I shave the crayon and somehow melt it? BUT I’ve seen this done and don’t like the texture. I like painting with crayons? Well see!

Oh think of all the impossibilities that are possible!








watercolor and tempera

Summer Contest

discussion bannerSo here’s the deal on how you can win a cool art package.

For the entire summer I will be working on art. I am dedicating this summer to writing my book and building my blog. That means working on tons of side projects. These projects include brushing up on hand lettering, drawing and just simple basics to get me ready for the next phase. I invite you to learn with me. We have the whole summer.

I will be posting my fundamental practice and working on a couple of side projects in the process. I’ll be sharing this on my blog.

To enter the contest you need to enroll in 3 of my classes here. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll get 2 months to watch my classes and have access to over 15,000 other classes. Wait how much does this cost? For two months you will get my classes for free for real no strings.

STEP 1: Take at least 3 of my classes. If you already have then move on to

STEP 2: Post a project

STEP 3: Share the love by commenting on other projects.

My mission is to encourage you. Use this platform to learn and grow as the artist you were born to be!

At the end of the summer I will choose a winner! The winner will receive a prize. I will put together a simple fun package. I’m thinking an art sketch book, tube of paint, a cool paintbrush and some other interesting ideas. Haven’t worked out all the details…More details to come!

I will post reminders on skillshare weekly to remind you guys. This past week I put together a free lettering kit to help you practice.  Oh one more thing. Please come find me on instagram.

Enroll in 3 of my classes here. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll get 2 months to watch my classes and have access to over 15,000 other classes. Wait how much does this cost? For two months you will get my classes for free for real no strings.

Wait what classes do I have going on?


There’s tons of other awesome classes from all kinds of topics like blogging, cooking, design, illustration, branding ,watercolor, brush lettering, photoshop, illustrator ,art and so much more.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!

watercolor and tempera

5 Tips to Paint Better

Or is it the other way around? I get so frustrated when this idea happens. I go and paint it and I’m not happy. I thought that by just getting right in to side projects I could gain practice. Yes I have fun but there’s a better way. I love LOVE my ideas and the color…I’d say I have an eye for choosing amazing color.

My problem is in the silly mistakes I make. Here they are:

  1. Master transparencies

Learning to paint with transparencies creates easy practice. I used black and used various tones of black.  I use too much water at times and I don’t allow for one place to dry before I move on to the next. I have this need to keep painting over and over the same spot. The flower looks cool here.

The element of Value to draw shapes

2. Use the right brush for the job.

If you’re paining a lovely watercolor wash then use a big round brush from 10-14 or bigger! I’ve learned that a really good brush can do some detailed work as well as paint washes

3. Take your time and let one area dry before you paint the area next to it.

Seriously go slow and enjoy! I do this all the time! It’s why a perfectly awesome painting gets smudges and yeah look:

Watercolor Scarecrow

4. Have enough space to paint.

I paint where ever when ever I can. Sometimes I have trouble seeing. Silly but it’s true. Make sure you can see and make sue you have lot’s of space to freely move your notepad or paper around. You don’t have to paint in one position. Which brings me to my last tip.

5. Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

Do your own practice and observation. What works for them will not work for you! Yes by all means take a good class Ana Victoria Calderon! She’s a queen of watercolor. Just show up everyday and you’ll figure out how you like to hold you brush, what paints you like best and even what you love to paint best.

watercolor and tempera

Mosaic Watercolor Masterpiece

That’s the crazy wonderful thing about freedom…you are free to create what you want.  That’s a big question and a scary responsibility.

Oh but imagine all the WONDERFUL impossibilities that ARE possible.

I had to think up a good quote.  I wanted the word masterpiece to be a mosaic. I love Eric Carle’s collage art. I’m encouraged every time I read the Hungry Caterpillar to a classroom of 1st grades.  We get excited EVERY time.  From collage art to the BIG idea that art can be anything you want it to be, I’m amazed!

A True Artist Quote

Let yourself go. Go Mad. Go Bonkers. Lose Yourself.

I love the color and that the words freedom, creates and masterpiece all create a movement leading from one to another. This love wouldn’t have happened without the entire process of letting yourself go. I had an idea and started with a color palette that best expressed my idea. I mixed up the colors and oh the color in the word creates happened! I probably need to rework the freedmom color them. I will. Let’s do add that to my claendar.

Losing yourself helps you find yourself.

Just now as I uploaded the picture I can see the promise of this piece. I’m in love with the idea and the mosaic just takes my breath away. Let’s be honest my heart aches because I see that I need to focus on the nitty-gritty of pulse and precision. I mean the color scheme is to die for but, the smudges and the staying in the lines… oh I get so excited. I know I have awesome ideas. No one will ever know how awesome they are, if I don’t work on the skill. At least I know what needs working and what doesn’t. Let’s work on the quote. Let’s paint!


Everything is possible

watercolor and tempera

Orange Paint And a Straw?

A while ago I painted this:

You Make Me Happy...

The color pink with the yellow brown lettering is cool. Sometimes you  have a bad day and completely forget how lucky you are. Then… “Here comes the sun little darling”

A straw works well to create sun rays and hay.  Thanks to the person who taught me this tip. Learn something BUT make it your own.

Remember this guy! I made his hay with a straw.

Watercolor Scarecrow


Next I’m going to try a bigger wider straw to create some wash backgrounds for my poems.

Take two:

Your Optomism for every day!




Love the block letters and the flat brush/straw texture. I spread the paint with a straw. Then use the brush to spread the paint further. I love the block letters BUT  they are a little crowded. That needs fixing.

Learn the meaning of color.

This is an important element and my favorite. Orange is bright and positive. Here’s the part that gave me a BIG idea.  I always go for walks and that just comforts my heart. Let’s face it who really wears orange -coral or peach perhaps but not orange. Wait why not create an orange poster to hang on the wall and EVERY time you read- there it is – your positive orange for the day. I played around with proportion to emphasize this point. I drew an outline of the flowers with crayon and blended in paint. Love the texture and love the blue! Awesome contrast! You should have something orange in your life everyday.  Oh wait this would be a great idea for my giant post card collection.

Your Daily Optimism




Maybe a vibrate turquoise next time? Yes for sure tone down the blue here. Or not? Notice the in case you lose it. I was paining and proud of this piece when the paper ripped. I felt down but oh what a wonderful example of the message I’m conveying here. Notice another mistake? Who cares.  I now have an awesome watercolor crayon texture technique.

Everything all depends on how you choose to live.

That’s the scary part. You think you have it all planned out and know exactly what you want. Then the color’s wrong and maybe the straw isn’t the right size-all these what ifs stack up one on top of the other. Out of nowhere the right idea happens.

Everything is possible




watercolor and tempera

Happy Fourth

Freedom is a beautiful verb.

Sometimes it’s hard for grown-ups to stay in the life’s awesome phase. I keep thinking about my past summers ( swimming in the pool, drinking Kool- Aid, endless school free days) as a kid . I probably learned more with all the books I read and getting creative with games and toys.  That’s a different topic. Freedom is a verb. It’s an action. Yet, most don’t take full advantage of freedom. Where am I going with this popsiscle idea and the freedom idea?

Staying in the life’s awesome phase is a choice-a verb.

Freedom is what you do everyday to have your American Dream. Everyone has a purpose and I sure know what mine is. Sometimes it can be scary to think okay I know what I want BUT now what? What direction should I go in? What’s the best way to get there. Just go and make it happen! Live!

I went to the store and saw these… the good old days:


I love when this happens. I’m thinking and then there it is – the coolest way that I can express what I’m feeling-to say what I want to say and most importantly excercise the freedom do it my way! That’s freedom and it’s an exciting scary! More on this whole idea and just wait… I painted an awesome quote to express this! I’m adding that to my journal next week or so.

Watercolor Popsicles

This is a little before and after to show my progress.

Watercolor Bomb Pop

The one on the right is the old one. The yellow and pink popsicle is a new idea I’m working on. I love the new bomb pop I painted. I’m going to paint more popsicles to work on my basic skills. What happened with the stick?

My goals for this summer are:

  • Read up on art history.
  • Wrap up my side projects (3 more)
  • Go back to the basics

I’ll put away all of my projects and focus on pulse precision and color mixing. I recently discovered that I need this practice. Okay I’ve known it all along BUT makes smarter sense to focus on one task, master it and move on to drawing. I’ve got the freedom to do my best and do the tons of practice.

  • finish editing my book

I’m almost done with editing.  Then I’ll move on to the illustrations.

Gosh no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to narrow the focus down. This is a good list.

Happy Fourth!

Everything Is Possible