Expo Marker Tree

Beauty can come from anywhere. This beautiful tree proves that you don’t need tools to create a beautiful tree. I used three: blue expo marker, white gel pen, and brown brush pen from the dollar store. I drew using two elements of design: shape and shading Starting from the bottom I created a series ofContinue reading “Expo Marker Tree”

Creative Ways To Paint Trees

For a while I’ll be painting what I love to paint, trees. For this tree I used: – artist tape, watercolor paint, a blush brush and tempera paint. First I spot the tape in a tree shape. Then paint. I think I now have an idea for a scribble tree created with white ink pensContinue reading “Creative Ways To Paint Trees”

Painting Calaveras for Day of The Dead

Painting a calavera is a lot harder than I expected. These are my third and fourth tries. The one on the right is done with kraft paper and white ink pens. That’s it. I was trying and trying with watercolor and all the while attempting to replicate the pictures I’ve seen. I must have beenContinue reading “Painting Calaveras for Day of The Dead”