painting trees with acrylic

This is the last and final tree for the book. It’s a weird tree but it’s beautiful. My ending thoughts for the book are that we should allow trees to grow however they choose. We should protect our trees, give them water and allow them to grow. Should we not do the same with eachContinue reading “painting trees with acrylic”

painting trees with crayons

Love this technique. Melted crayons are hard to paint with because they quickly dry up. I was forced to hurry up and paint. Not sure I’d try this again, as it ruined some brushes. Melting crayons made such a mess. But this is one of my favorite trees because I fed my curiosity. This hasContinue reading “painting trees with crayons”

Painting trees with a foam brush

Everything about this tree says warm breeze. That’s why this tree is my second favorite Wise Tree. I customized a foam brush by cutting it in various strands and then gluing them together to make my own brush. There’s nothing like a warm breeze to remind me that everything is as it should be. IContinue reading “Painting trees with a foam brush”