Day 2 – Paint or Sribble

If you are going to use watercolor just think about the word love and use the color that matches the emotion. If you are not using paint then by all means use a pencil and as you are thinking just take your pencil and draw lines every which way – scribble.  Then take a step back and see what shapes emerge and add features or color.

This activity is to help your relax.



Art That’s Cool- Van Gough

He suffered loss from his mother, rejected by the woman he loved and was a deep religious man who was shunned away from the church.  The bible was important to him and he was going to share the word of God with pictures. What is interesting is that unlike Raphael  Van Gough’s art wasn’t famous until after his death.  Raphael had shown mastery at age 11 while Van Gough didn’t reveal his mastery until his twenties.

Where did Van Gough draw inspiration from?

Van Gough captured much emotion in his paintings. He believed that man’s journey was a hard and lonely one at times, and a quest for God.  Naturally he painted his life experiences  and those of the people around him. As a boy he loved to study nature and watercolor.  Upon making the decision to become a painter, he devoted his time to drawing and indeed he became a wonderful iconic artist.

I can’t wait to finish the biography but here it is

For now just look at at his beautiful color! What about the emotions conveyed? Yes two elements that I must learn.

Okay so that’s a wrap! I will be sharing a few projects with you on Sunday and a little lessons learned about all the fabulous artists we have learned about.

Another reminder for Valentine’s Day journal lettering challenge. Starts Feb.1


Art That’s Cool – ?

I was really interested in sharing two artists?  The first  is an artist who  creates astonishing watercolor – Ana Victoria Calderon. I just love the colors she creates and her work is so pretty!

She draws inspiration from which she grew up in and I just love her class. She is yet another artist who truly followed her love and drew inspiration form it.

Thank goodness for that.

Wow this is so gorgeous!

Okay so that is a wrap everyone! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I have. I do have one more artist that I will be sharing. I meant to include Van Gough here as he is an amazing artist.  Wait!  I will post on Wednesday and then will wrap up with a few doodles and projects inspired by some of these artists. Remember starting Feb. 1st I will be doing the Valentine Day Journal Challenge. I will post more details so you can do it with me.




Art That’s Cool-Eric Carle

The Art of Eric Carle: Eric Carle: 9780399240027: Books

I recently read this amazing book and have a deeper appreciation for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Just now I came across an article and this passage just sums up my experience. The enjoyment that I get just makes me want to share it.

Art, as Carle likes to call his personal works, “is kind of funny,” he says. “I didn’t want it to be all that important. I just did it for myself. I did it for entertainment.”

So where does his inspiration come from?

Eric created a book that children can read and learn from at school. At the same time he wanted children to  feel the comfort of playing with a toy at home. Don’t you remember reading the book and trying to touch the pages, the holes and the huge butterfly?

He loves animals. He seems to love color and nature.

He paints tissue paper and then cuts out shapes to build collages of illustrations for his books. The best part is this was unintentional. He had been painting and used the leftover scraps to create these beautiful images we get to experience every time we read and remember.

Read the article here and you may want to go to the library or a bookstore and pick up the book too.

Now I have to do some collage work. I will include this as part of the putting into practice part of this session.






Art That’s Cool – Ian Barnard

You can check out his site and work here:


I love these big bold letters that he uses.   I also love his sayings and so again I am pondering the question,”Where do you draw your inspiration from?”

Here is what I have learned.

-passionate about typography and lettering

-creates every weekday

-he sells on Creative Market

-he has a love of community like connecting with other artists

-yes he really goes out and helps youth by talking to them

-he seems an all around humble person and it shows with the messages he delivers in every art piece he creates.


I know that I have shown you artists from across the line but its for two good reasons. You need to tell your story as an artist and that means telling your story-your values-your hope-dreams-purpose and fill in the blank.

Oh and you have to practice and draw inspiration from the world around you. Doing what you love is a fabulous way to start.

Art That’s Cool -Allen Say



At an early age  Allen dreamed of being  cartoonist and this was my favorite part of the story.  To succeed at anything in life you have to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone no matter how crazy it may seem.

He was also encouraged by his father’s friend to go to art school.  A teacher told him,”Someone like you should draw 14 hours a day. I am so captivated by these words because it reminds me to practice so much and dismiss those instances where I make mistakes.

What inspires me the most is the answer to a fabulous question,”Where do you draw your inspiration? ”

Allen drew his inspiration from the world around him-as evidenced in the above picture. Everywhere he went he brought with him a notebook an drew. He drew his teachers and even his experience migrating here all the way from Japan. I will never forget the part when he was left with little money and really needed a job. He actually did get a   job and one that would pay him much more than he had expected.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this book so please check it out.

Allen drew inspiration from being featured in a comic from another artist.

Allen Say is an inspiration to me because he lived his dream and drew with his heart.. He  many wonderful children’ books and  that’s something I want to do. For more about all his books and illustrations head here:




Hand Lettering 5000 or 10,000 times

1108151913a[2]I had a low point the other day with lettering. It is hard to keep your heart on the love and passion for what you are doing. You may get frustrated because you have a brilliant idea but the skills jut aren’t there yet. I drew and drew and then I thought I am going to keep things simple and decorate this jar. A little wonderland inspiration and my favorite color-well one of my favorite colors and here it is.  Never never give up!