is like beauty in  the eye of the beholder. Brilliant is an idea that makes you light up and  say YES I am painting this. Brilliant is you did it without doubt. Brilliant is the idea that lives inside you. Brilliant is the mistakes you make and then say oh WOW wait a minute here’s what I can do next time. Brilliant is a smile right when you need it. Brilliant is this very word that made me write all of this when I needed it the most.


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Favorite Projects from 2017

I have worked on tons of ideas and many of them have been terrible BUT I suddenly find people commenting that my letters are improving. YEAH I notice too and I love it! I get more likes and I’m not after likes so much as the idea that a like means people enjoy the idea. Art is always about the idea!

This year I will CREATE AND PLAY but for real this time. I’m going to experiment with mixed media and yeah still going to get my first book out and a few more. I am going to keep adding art to my threadless shop.

Here’s some of my favorites and not surprisingly most are from recent months.



There’s a whole lot more.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.



Book Project (Part 2)

Practice is meaningless unless you actually learn. Oh gosh were do I even begin. I feel like it’s been awhile since I wrote in my journey.  I spent a good three days going over my art for a threadless shop. Okay about a week and that week took me away from my book project.  BUT thanks to that big adventure I got some photoshop practice and the realization that I have to get in the habit of creating. I mean really create what I want period. I mean who cares how it looks. Yesterday I worked on a poem. I had it all planned out. I would upload my love poem on threadless and that would be the biggest I don’t care statement ever. Only I didn’t go through with it and here’s why:


Yes I LOVE the poem but I used the wrong tool and forget trying to remove the background in photoshop.  I tried but I came away with an awesome lesson.  Baseline or no baseline. Rules or no rules. The most important part of your design is why and how you express your idea. The best stuff is original. 

All this made me (deep breath as I write this) place a hold on my book. I found myself with easy distractions. I mean every time I was faced with the task of drawing the pictures I didn’t want to do it. I realized it’s because I have no confidence to draw. I will be working on this and as a confidence booster I THINK IT’S A GREAT TIME to take all the trees I have painted and put these in a book called wise trees.




The chapter book is a whole lot more complex and overwhelming.  The wise trees is a simple picture book that could give me confidence. In the meantime I can work on drawing. I will publish my book but I will start with a small book first.  Another lesson that I learned is that one must recognize their weaknesses and strengths. There’s a lot that I do right and I will focus on that.  In my first book I haven’t a clue how to set it up and much less illustrate it. Yet in the wise trees I have all the illustrations accept one and well I wrote the awesome story in like an hour.  Which brings me to some plans for my journal. I will focus on simple mixed media art because am I ever giving this up. NO.



I will fill my journal with these on a weekly basis but once a month I will share about my book project the wise trees and my other book project.

That brings me to 2018, well I’ll…

Imagine all the possibilities that are possible. 






Book Project

Ideas and words swim around in my head. I think of J.K. Rowling and the voice that told her, “Your book will be hard to publish but if you, do it’s going to be huge. I think of  Whitney Houston who at an early age, singing in a church, she knew right then and there what she must do.

Right now I just want to write The tale of Ana Bee and George Bird. I don’t know why I started it but I need to see it through. I am not J.K Rowling or Whitney Houston but I am passionate about this project. This is a great way to immerse myself in creative writing, drawing, and color!

Intro to my book:


Chapter 1 George Bird

George could feel and see the crowd. “Sing—SING George!” said Ana Bee. He looked for her and tried to sing but the words wouldn’t come out. Scratch! The music stopped and George woke up.  George rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath. “WHY do I keep having this dream?”  It had been a while since George sang. It had been a while since the terrible talent show.  He thought of Mr. Gables’ words, “You’ll never make it as a singer. For some reason he had a hard time singing in front of crowds but not in front of Ana Bee … “ANA BEE!” said George as he jumped out of bed. George washed his face, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. Then grabbed his suitcase and ran to Ana Bee’s house.



Character profiles and sketches.

Ana Bee


George Bird

There have been some changes.


One day I just got this idea in my head and not sure how but a voice did say.” you gotta right this down.” I get ideas and I need to follow them. My problem is that I need to stop being such a wuss and wondering what if, how or buts.  I realize now as I write that oh my gosh but I have failed at all these ideas so what makes me think that this one will work. Am I wasting my time? Only if I am not giving my best. I mean don’t you have to go through all these terrible ideas to get to the good ones. I guess.


Imagine all the possibilities that are possible.




Can Anyone Draw?

I watched this amazing Ted Talk. There’s this amazing theory that everyone can draw. We can all draw. I believe that.  But very few of us can draw the School of Athens.  My question is okay so in between the theory that everyone can draw and actually drawing the School of Athens is my skill level. What is it?  I might have some idea of what I can draw but all will reveal itself in due practice. I could never draw the School of Athens but I do love to draw.


Here’s my little suggested exercise.



This was so simple and there wasn’t much thought to creating these characters. I simply started with shapes and added more shapes. I loved that it was so simple and FUN. I will be doing more of this simple and fun drawing. I’m not after perfection or anatomy. I  simply want cute characters and to be able to paint them. As I painted little details for my Christmas cards and edited my book I realized that I draw good.



I can create some awesome work. The frustration comes when I doubt my skill and seek perfection.  Interestingly I checked Instagram this morning and I came across a similar quote. Fear and doubt only happens when you try to live up to society’s expectations. Yeah….

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.



Painting a book cover

This week has been a week of many thanks. I needed a fun project. I found it.  I thought it would be fun to paint hot air balloons. This has to be the way Ana Mary and George travel to Apple Orchard to meet Mother Apple.   I found this cool project post on starting with geometric shapes. The idea is you doodle and let your ideas just happen.   I reviewed the element of shape.  I painted lots of circles. Circles represent unity, peace, life, energy and oneness. Rectangles in curves represent an unexpected twist–adventure.  The color does a good job of telling the story BUT…


The word explore is way darker than it should be…

guess I couldn’t draw or paint in a straight line…

the rectangles should have been curvy…

truth is I remember thinking too much and playing just to get things right..

I love the sun. I love how you can see the sun right behind the word explore. The sky is amazing. The letters are good just a little space fixing. Not bad for round one of the my book cover.


I’ve been drawing characters. Learning to draw isn’t that hard…I guess. I’m starting to draw minimal features like dots for eyes and looking at everything from shapes to color to bring the character to life. I realize the importance of  separating what I would do versus what the character would do.

Ana Mary is curious, happy, and that part of us that really just is. I drew thinking of her but borrowing this idea and that idea from other characters I found online.


Who are the characters? How do their clothes, actions and speech project this. I will work on this one character at a time. Oh and a walk in the park had me thinking. Take all of my tree illustrations and turn them into a picture book.  I should organize my journal again. So much to do! BUT I will remember to have fun and embrace the curiosity as it comes.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.






What do you do with an Idea?

Lately I’m embraced by wonderful changes. I’m excited about them.  Not sure where I was or why it happened… but this AMAZING IDEA  to write a book became part of me. I feel FEEL like the book I stumbled upon right there on the table at Barnes and Nobble happened for a powerful reason. I have these brilliant ideas. I say brilliant because they create a charge in me that I cannot dismiss. I say it’s a hopeless love. Love is messy but it’s SO beautiful.  I have all these thinks. Sometimes I think on them too much in that I wonder what cold be and what if.  Well I’ll never know until I do.


So I had this idea to paint with only a spoon fork.



I didn’t know what to do but I kept painting all over the place. I painted the green grass with a flat motion. I wasn’t having much luck with color mixing. I used a combination of acrylic and tempera paint. Then I tried to make dots with the fork points and that didn’t work either. Then I created circular motions with the spoon. I do love the color pink with the green… and there it was …what an idea!

Painting flowers with a fork.


This is one of the awesome places in my book. Maybe I will tweak the color and make room for the hot air balloon. I’m so excited about all these interesting ideas and it’s as if the world is whispering  yes.



After all this, I happened upon the incredible book” What do you do with an idea?” and the most beautiful words. When you have an idea you may want to shun it and shove it deep inside a box and let it get all dusty and filled with cobwebs.  You may abandon it the moment it starts to cause trouble and steals your security blanket.  This is my take on it of course. Everyone that I have ever known that is and not necessarily rich but wealthy in love and in financial comfort has had an idea and nurtured it. They held on tight and protected this idea from the storm and the bullies of the world. They had an idea that carried them through the heart ache and the terrible feels like I’m wasting my time days.  No more and I mean it. DONE!

My side project is to write a first children’s chapter book. I’m thinking a book like Mercy Watson. I love the feel of the book and the size.  I love the idea of a first chapter children’s book and just seems like a great balance of pictures and words. I am learning to draw and have no idea how to even self publish a book  let alone illustrate it and that excites me. Yes it’s scary but I’m excited.

Right now I am transferring my story onto computer so I can begin the editing process. In the mean time I am practicing with ideas to paint my illustrations. I have broken things down to the following:

1  Edit every word

3. In the mean time draw and paint illustrations using mixed media.

4. Draw profiles of each of my characters.

5. Learn all about how to publish my book.

6. Oh yeah in the mean time keep lettering and learning about art.

7. When I’m done with all of this I will publish a limited edition run of Wise Trees. A collection of my curious thoughts surrounding trees. YES THIS MUST HAPPEN. HELP ME ALL MIGHTY.

I can’t believe I am writing this out but a voice again says this book will be read this Read Across America Day. Okay I am doing it. I must and will have this book done by March just in time for read across America. Yes sounds crazy but I know I can do it. In the mean time I will work on illustrations and keep having fun.

My story. I can feel it now.

We have Dimples, Ana Mary, George, Claude, Bartholomew, Woodpecker, Fox, and Mother Apple. These friends live like you and me with hopes and dreams and honey cake too. Well except for the matter of Ana Mary who is a bee that wants to bake for people all over the world. George is the biggest butterfly ever and he sings. Claude is a loveable tea drinking painter who happens to be a bear. Bartholomew wanted prize winning carrots and fell in love with strawberries. Woodpecker lost his Opal but found Dimples.  Dimples is a dog who believes he can fly. Mother Apple is the biggest most beautiful and wisest tree that once was the size of a bonsai tree.

Yeah I’m excited.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.









Painting trees with…


watercolor, tempera and artist tape.

Treasure Tree Hill


Sometimes life can be overwhelming…okay ALOT.   I could be a big worry wart and make myself sick… but where would I be?  I’d be lost. If I’m lost then how can I be my best? I’ve always had a creative imagination. My best is embracing new ideas even if it means I leave the most comfortable place. The weird AMAZINGNESS is that art gives me comfort.  Ideas excite me and fill my days with pizzazz.

Here’s what I mean. This blogger had an amazing idea to paint trees using artist tape. She painted a winter scene.  I had to try this, only I painted a scene for my book.

Step 1 apply artist tape on paper. This was fun because it’s a new idea!


I had an idea to explore different mixed media techniques. My plan was simple and beautiful. Sure takes the pressure off of learning to draw. I am learning to draw BUT now I’m drawing my way. This feels Sooo much better. As I look at this, I realize that I want a more organic feel.


Step 2. I used a paint brush to paint the background. I was thinking lovely shades of analogous color. David and Goliath showed up. I had two options. I could continue to work or start over. I am after all creative right?  I kept on mixing no matter what. I had his idea to use yellow tempera paint. I applied paint with a dab motion. Oh and I used the contrast technique I learned. I mixed in a little red with green to create contrasting shades. Afer all was said and done, I noted a Big something. I didn’t leave space around the small trees for perspective. I guess this still looks okay. I had painted Treasure Tree Hill…this wonderful place where Dimples tests his flyer because he wants to fly, even though dogs don’t fly.

If a first you don’t succeed try again. I referenced an awesome picture I found online….


but I painted Treasure Tree Hill.

Treasure Tree Hill

I used salt to give the hill texture.  I even painted the lopsided lollipop tree. I need to paint Dimples of course. I’ve sketched him but not sure I want to mess up what I’ve done so far.  I’m so happy with this idea. I want to sell limited edition tree theme art prints. Wonder what my fans think.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!

P.s If you’re going to read my journal be a fan.






Lesson in color


I wasn’t even going to write in my journal this week BUT here I am. Seems like a great summary for my week.  Seems like I started the week in a routine. I don’t like routine. I love not knowing— it’s the best!  I keep getting all of these awesome tips and ideas: words of James Victore.  “Learn EVERYTHING about art, forget it, and create” he says.   What a wonderful master plan!  Another quick You tube video on this amazing artist and her fabulous tips on my most favorite element of all-COLOR. “If you’re going to paint a red apple, mix the red with it’s compliment green to add form.  Oh I should make this a side project! I also found out about this awesome book, ITTEN The Elements of Color. The best part of my week is that I finally, not sure why today was the day but it was,  sat down and read my rough draft. Two months ago I sat for three glorious hours a day rewriting my script. I put it away until today and read it. Not a bad story AT ALL but there’s lots to do.

Yes it’s a big task and so is immersing myself in the world of Art History and King Lear. It’s not, but the feeling like I want to learn it all, paint and create at the same time… is. For now I’ll start with simple objects that I can draw like leaves. I printed up some pictures for reference and then painted going from light to dark.I mixed things up and outlined with a crayon. Maybe I don’t want to outline with a complementary color.IMAG0248[1]


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible!