Looking Back

I had lots of ideas. One of my favorites is Sin Soledad. I never feel alone when I am in nature. I like creating. Creating brings me such joy. This week I want to focus on more creative exploration. The podcasts keep telling me to create from flow. I want to learn all I can about typography, texture, design and creating my own fonts for books. I have and forgot how much I know about these topics already.

I have an itch to redo my website. The Ted Talk about purpose was inpiring. How can I unite my personal purpose to my creative work?

Note to Self

Some of the work you love the most isn’t perfect. There’s no definite baseline. The process didn’t go according to plan. Yes you had ideas but the ideas came from borrowed techniques. Steal Like An Artist is a great book on this topic. I wrote this book for me. It was a journal for all the thoughts that I needed to read and feel so I create. Remeber the artist who said that. Lots of artists say the same. Another artist was tired of people talking about her curly hair so she expressed that in art.

Now there’s an empty canvas with your signature on it. What are you going to say?

Posting days will go back to Monday. Wednesday and Fun Friday.


Right click the image above so you can print it. Right now is the time to reflect and grow. I’ll be adding another version to the shop in a few days. I mean to share another print last night but my computer was acting up. All better now and all the more reason to go for a walk. Perhaps dessert. I have so much to work on.

Thanks for reading!

Negative Thoughts

I don’t think they ever go away, on their own that is. You have to decide to let them go. Not always easy but with practice you’ll be alright. I’ve expressed this idea before.

Which reminds me, I started listening to a lecture and these words are an intereting thought. People don’t know how to think. Our thinking has become destructive. You are Loved is about looking at all that surrounds and making choices to own up to who you are. My goal is to work through every art piece and learn to accept the process.

Here’s my latest idea. Seems like I have lots of ideas.

Thanks for reading!

Daily Prompt: Grateful

I am greatful for the daily prompts. I got much needed writing time and picked up a few subscribers along the way each week. I am grateful for all the work I’ve been doing. I’m grateful that I have foodm shelter and health. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for every being that makes this earth a wonderful place.


notes on lettering love

One word art. I take a word and express my thoughts with ideas, color and texture. Why do these notes taking first try seem better than the final. I think I thought too much. There’s a clear diference between thinking of a plan vs thinking with a whole lot of should I’s. The final is plain. This first draft has a hypie, love groovy vibe that I dig.

In today’s podcast I heard the word flow. In today’s module I heard flow. Flow is important. Michaelangelo said,”It is necessary to keep one’s compass in one’s eyes and not in the hand, for the hands execute, but the eye judges.”

This was good practice today but nothing more. I realize that I enjoy painting so much more when I let one idea flow to the next. Somewhere I wrote down that I want to be able to freely create with the hand and the heart. Makes more sense to let curisoity guide me. I can try out different tools and see what works. The more I practice the more I can just let ideas flow. Here’s to lots more mistakes. Not every idea is going to work. BUT every idea is part of the process that leads to the right idea.

Thanks for reading. Every day there’s more of you!


A mix of flat brushes and purple paint with just a little blue, lovely lilac. Lilac comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are some heart ones. It would be a comfort to walk through a garden full of them. I didn’t intentionaly paint the heart petals but they’re there. Definitely going to paint more of these. Pink Purple. DIfferent shapes and sizes. ALL BEAUTIFUL. That works.

My intention was to have You Are Loved be a journal of all the heart shapes I see in nature. It will be BUT I want more. I love to go for walks. Seeing such beauty, kick-starts my creativity. I may be worried, sad or unsure. With the sight of Lilac or a tire swing a lovely thought pops into my head.

It gave me such joy to read Wise Trees, Live Your Love Story, and Different Is Beautiful! These books are my thoughts. They are ideas that keep me loving life and learning to start with self love. I love to help people. If you are interested check out my books. I know you’ll enjoy them. If you have email me or leave a review on Amazon. It would make me happy and such a help because I have so many stories. Let me tell you.


practice quote with wash

I’m taking this creative innovation class. These words really spark my curiosity.

Your problem is likely not your ideas, but your skills for pitching ideas to others.

Many books on creativity are surprisingly uncreative.

My answer to both is practice. Practice helps you work through idea after idea until you arrive at IDEA! I speak from experience! Today I had this leftover paint. I painted lilac. Wait, that was a good practice too! It didn’t work out but I wanted to enjoy the experience and explore. I now have wonderful Lilac and two quotes! I’ll finish up the lettering but the ideas are awesome! The best part is we all struggle with this. This never gets old. Many times we stop at a mess and toss it out. What we really need to do is work through. It’s only after the mess that THE IDEA happens. The idea that works. There are no messes. There are works in progress. CREATE.

Have a good week! I’ll be on a another round of editing for Different Is Beautiful! Working on more Creative Exploration for You Are Loved.