My Art Journal

All of a sudded I’m back into hand lettering. I really like letterforms but the perfection part not so much. I took this class with none other than Jessica Hische. I chose her because I like the idea of her kind book. I had planned to work on the next book which is all creativeContinue reading

Always Positive Thoughts

I worked on this design over and over again. I had this idea. All was said and painted. I painted over it. The same happened with the bleeding hearts. Neither worked out. I had a quote. You gotta keep going. No matter how ugly, keep working. Moving forward is the only way to get toContinue reading “Always Positive Thoughts”

Street (Daily Prompt 4)

I love strolling down the the street. No voices except the ones coming from leaves dancing wih the breeze. The sun shows up. I know that everything’s going to be ok. If it isn’t well, with every breath it will be. Oh yes sometimes the joy is interuppted by a car who keeps on going.Continue reading “Street (Daily Prompt 4)”


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