My Art Journal

Collage Lettering

There’s always a reason to believe that someone…the moon and the stars or the cool breeze on a hot summer day is routing for you. It’s us, our ego that gets in the way. Now is a good time to start my creative journal. I have a list. It’s good. Maybe today’s the day I’ll […]

Class Project- My Flag

Justice for all of us NEVER at the sacrifice of others. To the diverse who had a dream and achieved for the benefit of all of us.

What to say to a beginning artist?

In many ways I feel as though I am a beginner? There is always something new to learn. Beginners always ask the same questions? I have so many ideas but how do I know it’ll work. How do I find my voice? How do I find my style? PRACTICE. Practice to explore. Practice for curiosity? […]


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