My Art Journal

Broken Branches + Love

First attempt was all wrong. The sketch didn’t make sense. All I needed to do is get rid of the areas that didn’t belong. Here we are. At the time I believed this tree trunk was awesome. I put it in the pile of I was able to make it work. Working through a piece […]

You Are…

The first attempt at a Redbud tree didn’t work out. This happens often. The second was a fail too. The third is the charmer. I had some leftover shades of pink. I started writing words. Glad I did? Now I have a quote for the shop. I could hang this up on the wall behind […]

Barn Owl Take 5?

Last night I gave my pastels a try. I liked both for various reasons. The one I signed, now that’s the bird with attitude. I painted and was about to go down the road of try this and try that but I stopped just in time. I found the perfect words. What a beautiful owl […]


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