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So this is the latest for this awesome quote. I say awesome because the idea is one that I am passionate about and truly believe in. This is what I have learned: that this is my passion and I really want to dedicate my art to children.  That I need to keep on practicing. Wanting to draw a straight line and instead having it come out crooked is annoying.  I love painting.  I love drawing and their is something that makes me happy about the whole experience. Doesn’t this mean that I have found what I should be doing.

Stamping Around Christmas Cards


  • green paint
  • kraft card stock
  • paint brush
  • optional: beads, ribbon, stickers and whatever you have to add some cute detail to the tree

some paper to keep the paint from getting everywhere.


Paint the tree. I just dabbled the paint until the stamp is covered. I added a little more paint to certain areas to get the effect I wanted. The tree by the way is a felt ornament that I got for 20 cents at a Target After Christmas sale.   I love doing crafts and so when I saw them for 20 cents I had to get them. Today this idea came to me and here it is.

So after you paint the stamp, quickly and carefully place the stamp on the front of the card. Make sure you stamp on the right side.  Press down hard but not too hard that the stamp moves.


That’s it release and let dry.


The great thing is that each card will come out different and that’s  what gives the cards a vintage feel. Like I said you just dab the paint and some spots will have more paint than others. I did take the paint brush and I filled in a few spots very carefully.  Want to try this? You can probably go to Target and get a similar ornament for $1.00. Or you can make a stamp from a sponge, use a cookie cutter to get an outline shape, or what do you think? You can have the kids make these. Oh they could make a set of four cards for different occasions and wrap a ribbon around them and what a cute gift idea! If you like this idea click on the link below or comment too.

Life’s Peachy

Create An Alphabet…..

The goal here is to let my mind go and not focus on having each letter be an exact height and all that…just wanted to have fun and think about the font I will use to create my cards.  I love just drawing and letting go of using the eraser and everything else. When I am creating like this I fee free and more creative….makes sense. What do your cards look like? Post them in the comments below? Can you?


Rudolph Project

So I have been learning about color and it was all about how colors conveys emotions.  An artist will use colors to convey a mood an emotion  much like a song. One of the biggest mistakes I have made in my art is to get so excited about a project that I don’t take the time to choose the right shade of blue.  The project was to listen to a song and identify the emotions and paint based on these emotions. I chose to do the Rudolph song because it is a favorite. So the emotions are about love, love for yourself, love for helping others, and love for Santa. It is playful, loving and victorious. Naturally I chose red and shades of red.


So here are a few views of my painting and yes I desperately need some water colors. If you want to try this out please go to skilshare and click here.

5 Drawing Projects

This project was amazing. I am an up and coming artist. I put way to much pressure on myself to be perfect and want to make a living doing what I love, that I haven’t felt free to just let the creativity flow. This projects really revealed the following. I write and think about love a whole lot. I love nature and am always daydreaming about how everything is connected. I am connected to the world with its nature and animals and the emotions that make us all human of course. I drew all of these within 5 minutes and the goal was to just let your creativity flow and develop a style. If you want a try at this let me know and I will post the link here. I was just so excited to post my work for the online class on skillshare that I had to copy it here.

1 Draw Standing Up.  Wow this began this whole notion of just going with it and tapping in to the expressions and emotions that are well me.

Draw with Music- Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran  I simply scribbled and drew without any plans and then I went back ans stared at it for a while trying to make something of the shapes and swirls.

Draw with rotation  See right through the heart

Draw while blindfolded

I thought this was going to amount to nothing but out of no where the shapes became animals and … Do you see the hidden puppy. I drew an olive and then I looked at it and saw ears…do you see it?

draw while talking and watching t.v and listening to others.

I had no idea at first but then I made out a pink crayon, old record player, heart kite,

Awesome Lessons Learned

If you know about skillshare then you know how awesome it is. If this is the first you hear of skillshare then please check it out. It is a great learn at your own pace free course in several topics.  Here is what I have learned in the Hand Lettering Course.

Step 1

Have a Good quote that means something to you. I chose Happy is here, there and everywhere.

Step 2

Brainstorm ideas by listing words or pictures that relate to your quote. Just jot down whatever pops in your head.  Who know where it will lead.


Step 3 Just do some sketching and have fun playing.


Step 4

Do some thumbnails.

1106141338 1106141336

Come up with something you like and keep on working at it till you get the desired look.  I enjoyed going through these steps and working on this. I would love your critique. I am new and these are just drafts and I have yet to finalize.


The happy ribbon is not part of the drawing, It was just another idea I played around with. So again I am just starting out and and self taught.  As I said I enjoyed this piece and would love your feedback.

I chose the font and this floral vine going through because I love nature and there is something about playing outside, going for a walk and playing with my dog that makes be happy. I wanted to capture this in my art. I think it would be awesome to have the Happy be decorated in a wood element to complete the whole nature theme. I chose a blue bird because they are beautiful singing birds and well what do you think?  Each project you work on takes time. Oh I went for a walk outside and explores the different signs in my area and looked at the elements at play like compositional hierarchy and contrasting colors.

I would love to see your work and have you critique my work.

Have a great rest of the week!

Step 2

Dia De Los Muertos

Remembering all the loved ones who have passed on. Your love lives on.


Halloween Handlettering

So there I was waiting for the light to change and then I noticed a guy who had painted Happy Halloween on a window storefront. He also painted some Halloween inspired bats…and I forgot what else but I thought hey, what a cool job and an amazing example of the demand for hand lettering! I wish I could do that. What kind of paints did he use? What a cool example of how you can put your work out there. I have been practicing my art and I am coming along. I also recently found out that one of the bloggers I follow has her items in American Eagle Outfitters stores. What another awesome example that my dreams can come true. I mean I have always loved making birthday cards with big block letters and drawing patterns and who knew I could make a career of it. One can draw for animation, street signs, store signs, magazines, logo design, children’s books and so much more.   If you have any Hand lettering advice please comment below.

Wish I could have taken a picture of the Halloween store but here is a picture of the items.  They are by Wit and Whistle.


In a few days, I will be posting some more Pumpkins pictures and cool kids costumes.

Have you ever been to a Pumpkin Patch? Tom/s Farms in Corona has a good one with a candy shop, food shops, music, candy shops and yeah go if you haven’t been.

6. I love going to a pumpkin patch.

7. Ghost Galaxy – AKA Space Mountain

New Art….New Adventures at Disneyland





Love Disneyland around this time.

Here is some of my new art. I will teak the colors for the believe cake. All of my art can be found on etsy. I am still thinking about what new products to add to my shop. I am thinking a beach/shopping type of tote bag. I am still thinking about mugs and I like the idea of a decal sticker that you can add to notebooks, mugs, and so on. Have any ideas or resources I can learn from? Please comment below and let me know. I do appreciate all of your feedback. I get such wonderful advice!  I renewed my pass for Disneyland and just in time too! I hadn’t planned on going this year but my family insisted I do so and I did enjoy drawing at the imagineering drawing they have at California Adventure. I drew Olaf and a character from Monsters University. I hope to share pictures with you. I will be planning my summer calendar with fun crafts, projects and working hard on my shop to get ready for the holidays. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend! Thank you for all those who gave their lives and continue to do so in the name of what freedom means. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. let freedom ring!

-have a sweet day


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