Creative Wats To Paint Trees

For a while I’ll be painting what I love to paint, trees. For this tree I used: – artist tape, watercolor paint, a blush brush and tempera paint. First I spot the tape in a tree shape. Then paint. I think I now have an idea for a scribble tree created with white ink pensContinue reading “Creative Wats To Paint Trees”

Creative Ways to Paint a Flower

I’ve been painting animals. Then insects. Today I painted flowers. What I’ve learned from the creative exploration class is: using various tools is fun using various tools makes is easy to work through a mistake and somehow make it work using various tools makes it easy to come into your syle using various tools givesContinue reading “Creative Ways to Paint a Flower”

Book Update & Painting Insects

This book process has been different from the previous books. With the other books I had a summary of the story idea and created from there. This time I’m researching and painting animals.I’m relying more on my curiosity and imagination. I’ve had to review what this book means to me. I’ve always been curious aboutContinue reading “Book Update & Painting Insects”

Painting Calaveras for Day of The Dead

Painting a calavera is a lot harder than I expected. These are my third and fourth tries. The one on the right is done with kraft paper and white ink pens. That’s it. I was trying and trying with watercolor and all the while attempting to replicate the pictures I’ve seen. I must have beenContinue reading “Painting Calaveras for Day of The Dead”

Stamp Tree + Book Update

Today begins the new schedule of posting three days a week. Let’s begin… I have been in a creative slump, which is weird because I always have something cool to work on. Really. I love the creative exploration class but it’s been weird trying write the book. I threw out most of my old notes.Continue reading “Stamp Tree + Book Update”