Collage Lettering

There’s always a reason to believe that someone…the moon and the stars or the cool breeze on a hot summer day is routing for you.

It’s us, our ego that gets in the way.

Now is a good time to start my creative journal. I have a list. It’s good. Maybe today’s the day I’ll read You Are Loved.

What to say to a beginning artist?

In many ways I feel as though I am a beginner? There is always something new to learn. Beginners always ask the same questions? I have so many ideas but how do I know it’ll work. How do I find my voice? How do I find my style?

PRACTICE. Practice to explore. Practice for curiosity? Practice for new techniques. Practice for the answer. Some of my favorites have been simply creating with what sparked my interest.

And to think, today I am learning about Bauhaus school. This is great timing as I begin the creative journal. I have a list of activities. It’s going to be good. My goal is to build a base for many many projects.. I want to gather ideas for Creative Ways to Draw A Flower.

Multi – Lettering

I wanted something simple and fun for the last three pages of the book. What a beautiful ending. I explored different tools but the calligraphy brush and acrylic worked. Choose colors that mix well. Dip in different amounts of paint. Results vary. That’s the fun part.

Testing out on copy paper. Copy paper is much cheaper than watercolor paper.

On watercolor paper for the book

Maybe it’s time to write a what I would tell the beginning artist. Sounds good.


The book is done. I am excited to share it. I will soon. This is the phase where I set it aside and read it with a fresh pair of eyes. It is truly amazing how the book comes together after countless hours of…you have all these notes, ideas and the main theme. Little by little you get rid of what doesn’t work and refine refine until it works.

For the remainder of this week I’ll plan out my creative exploration…more on that tomorrow and a three color lettering idea.

Almost done!

The book keeps changing but I think I’ve got it! I wrote this intro/dedication page a few days ago.

The birds sing songs of hope.

The stars lighten up the darkest hour.

The pleasant smell and color of a flower.

The breeze dances.

The sun warms of chances…

all for you and I.  

Moon and Stars

There is such a place. Not sure where but glad I found it during my research. I’m piecing together the book layout and checking my email. There’s a contest. What does your art mean to you? Choose one product and share it. Right now my etsy shop is empty. This is a great idea!

Painting this was another experience. Layers and layers. I do believe I got it right!

Just Keep Swimming

It is easy and fun to paint paper. Cutting and pasting is easy too.

No matter what you’ve got to keep swimming, yes even when you are tired and lost.

Painting Galaxies

I really like painting these. What a difference the right paper makes. The paper is about the same price. What a way to end the book. I do have lettering to paint. I could use the same lettering for the cover?

Blues, Pinks and Purples are good for the words I have in mind. The ending justifies the book theme.

Galaxies and night skies are easy to paint. You can sprinkle a little salt, water, or analogous color. I should have bought some bubbles.

By far my favorite

The biggest mistake I make with galaxies is letting the paint dry before I layer. Working in patches is key.