Why art?

My books and art express my curiosity, creativity, and the inner child. Recently I read about an artist who said, “My inner world is my playground.” I agree.

Describe your process?

Love. Let the kid play. Love gives you courage to follow ideas. Love says,”OK curiosity and imagination let’s create.” I use watercolor and acrylic. I like to experiment with fun tools like sporks and a customized sponge brush. I like uneven sporadic block letters. Kids don’t know rules when they create. They just do and it’s always beautiful!

What advice would you give to new artists?

Read the messages in my books and art.

Show up every day and let the kid play. (#Show your work) The book is awesome. Get rid of all the junk standing in your way. YOU. Your art is beautiful! Find your happy place and create. You might even want to use all the naysaying and express it in your art. What a good idea! Read Big Magic and Think and Grow Rich. Just be yourself. You’ll make mistakes but its part of the journey.

Take your time. Explore and let your voice shine.

Where does your artist inspiration come from? Everyone. I’m intrigued by why and how.

An off the top of my head list: Ana Victoria Calderon, Yasmina Creates, James Victore, Frida Kahlo, Raphael School of Athens reminds me of our wonderful world of ideas. Eric Carle’s collage art is amazing! The fact that his genius Hungry Caterpillar came from punching holes in a paper is crazy. Ian Barnard, Walt Disney, Lauren Daigle, Andy Warhol and many more. 

Works In Progress


  • Live your story (paperback coming soon)
  • Road Trip ( inspired by a true story but a lesson for life)

Other stuff

Words ( hand lettered words)

I want to explore texture, color and…

Something interesting (weird) about me…

I tilt my head-get lost in thoughts…people ask what I’m thinking about. (laughs) As a kid I had this habit of asking why. I still do! 

-there are no impossibilities

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