Discovery Prompt-Bite

Imagine there’s a huge pie. Maybe it’s apple or my favorite Coconut Cream. Peach Crumble is delicious too. Imagine the pie is among several treats on a dessert table. You can’t have them all. So you choose your favorite. What if there’s a new flavor? A cake or dark chocolate brownines with pecans. Eat too much and you’ll end up with a stomache ache. It’s important to share. You could have a small piece of your favorite. Have small bites of what’s new. That way you leave room for NEW FAVORITES.

Come to think of it, what agreat advice for creatives. Yes stick to what you’re good at. Practice and often. Every now and then indulge in creative exploration. Not so much that you spend too much money on storage. Not too much that you don’t get to use it.

I’ll be working on an Easter craft later. For now paint your favorite dessert.