watercolor wash + pastels

This is a sweet mess. I see the intention but all in a good days work of creative exploration. Right now what matters is that I learn to work through the idea. I’m working off the story map. I choose a tool and begin the work.

I painted with watercolo.r I finished with oil pastels to add texture and shape. This 138 Ib paper isn’t working for washes. The more I layer the more the paper curles up. I like using a warm vanilla but the white looks more like gray. This isn’t the exact layout I wanted but it works. I like the colors. I will defintely paint this again. I wanted a teal green. I have just the right ink. I’m working the details out as I go along. I love it! Devoted to you is a reminder of nature’s beauty. Nature is always devoted to you.

Sometime this week I’ll be updating my portfolio including two new books. I am so excited! Thanks for reading.