It was weird going through my notes for Different Is Beautiful. I should have taken a photo to post before I threw them out. There I was reviewing the orgins of the almost ready Different Is Beautiful. I kept the notes. These notes contain a good concluson, perhaps a thought I want to add to the book.

I had this crazy thought. What if someone found these? What if these were the last story I ever wrote? Is this the best I could write? A good reflection of my talent? No, my sketches nor notes don’t have to be. They are ideas and practice. I’ve heard many artists talk about practice. To get to the good you have to go through the not so good and bad. I’m proud of all my stories. I know that the more I write the better I’ll get. I look forward to that!

The other positive from cleaning up is that I gathered all of my notes for the love book. DO I still want to call it love? This big butterfly has a heart shape on the botton wings. I’ll paint this for the book but with a new color scheme.

featured in the book Different is Beautiful

I did experiment with texture. More on that tomorrow.