Art Class Happy

Yesterday I surprisingly got the chance to be in a middle school art class.

The stock room was filled with paint, crayons and paper. There was a pencil box filled with forks. Forks make cool textures so of course I had to paint. And painted I did. Lots. As I painted I thought about being asked why I create for self love? I stumbled.

I think about love stories portrayed in books and movies. I’m a hopeless romantic. We always want to look “out there” but love begins with how we feel about ourselves. That should come from connection to nature, God, call it what you want. For me it’s God, just being in nature. The need to create because I want to is much stronger than fear and doubt. It’s almost like being a kid. At a certain age we know were awesome and then as we get older we doubt, fear and that damages how we feel about ourselves…

I painted cool textures and trees. Wow I’m still excited. For the record I swept the classroom and did some extra cleaning as a thank you.

I keep writing about cool animals and this week I must get the first rough draft going. The end of the year is fast approaching. I will be writing. I’m already thinking of Hearts, my next book. Maybe I should release the first part as a Christmas Gift? Ok.

(Click on the tree to buy this and other trees in my etsy shop. I’ll be posting the tutorials this coming week.)