Painting Calaveras for Day of The Dead

Painting a calavera is a lot harder than I expected. These are my third and fourth tries. The one on the right is done with kraft paper and white ink pens. That’s it. I was trying and trying with watercolor and all the while attempting to replicate the pictures I’ve seen. I must have been sitting for an hour and nearly called it quits but I had to post. I want to post. I love to create and besides I had to fight resistance. I just let go and drew. I set aside doubt. I let go of the fear that I would make a mistake with nothing to show for my time.

I am proud of these designs. The one on the right is inspired by the Audrey Heburns of the world. The world said no but they persevered. It’s so beautiful how we each inspire each other with our gifts. I really like working with kraft paper and white ink or paint. I’m greatful to all the greats of the past who inspire us with their powerful examples of love.