Continuing the research…

I’ve got all these thoughts and nothing. I know I want to do what I did with Wise Trees. Wise Trees is a collection of trees and my thoughts. I love animals and often think about them too. There’s fish in all colors and patterns. Their swim in the ocean is my stroll in the park. Yet there’s a fish that walks, on leges. The Mexican Walking fish is reminder that hey, weird is cool. Now I wonder if all the fish are thinking the walking fish is weird. Or is it the other way around?

The more you look at animals the more you realize that every spot, pattern, and roar are as they should be. The above is taking into account all the fish and admiring thier color and shape. These fish are slightly different yet they are all fish. Together they create beauty.

I believe I have a plan.

  • jot down all of my thoughts.
  • go over the list and narrow it down to the ones I can draw
  • choose a selection of beautiful and weird animals
  • Create a first thinking map