India Ink + Sketches

There’s two parts to this post. I’m continuing my creative exploration class. I’ll be exploring India ink: Wild Rose, Golden Yellow and Teal. These are all Bombay Dr. Ph Martin’s. They are my version of primary colors to mix. So my tasks for today are exploring ink, drawing a few animals and painting fish for my newest book.

The last two rows are ink swtaches.

The lettering and animals are done with ink. I used a toothpick to draw the blue bear.

Here are the fish. Not bad but I have a few ideas for color and texture.

At first I just wanted to re-create from memory. Midways in, I had my phone right next to me and kept refencing. Terrible habit I know…and I thought. My art doesn’t have to look like the image. It’s my interpretation. Right now I’m researching. I’m gathering information. I/m exporing texture and color combinations. I believe I have some great ideas!

As I move ahead I will…

keep researching more animals, draw more animals with a pen and use my higher quality paper. Using pen eliminatas the need to erase.

Ok now I’ll go do some work for my Fall workshop, which starts tomorrow. I need to add some new art to my shop too,

Happy Thursday!