Creative Courage

( a little late because I goofed)

I’m busy working on my book. Editing is by far the most difficult part of being an Indie author. I am the writer, illustrator, publisher, editor, illustrator, promoter, designer and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Right now I’m going through the layout and every single detail. It is a difficult task but what keeps me going is the end result. I want to support creative courage and empower. I read these in an article and yes…

Art is my breath. When I create I am empowered. I am thrilled every time I read that you are too. That is all I every really want in life. I spent three hours today editing. I can’t wait to finish.

I finally got a chance to do lettering with India ink. I’m used to working with acrylic. Acrylic is much thicker thus easier to control. I’ll practice more. We’ll see what happens. Oh, maybe I could add this to the fall workshop. I have a good list going. Anyway, teal is my favorite color to paint with. This quote speaks for itself.

See you tomorrow.