artist tape lettering with watercolor

My best work happens when I create from an audience of one, me. Hello I love U is a tribute to all the ideas that we fall in love with instantly. Not that we should embrace everyone but good ideas come to us. The older we get the more we come up with excuses.

Hello I love you is an expression of emotions. It’s living and loving the process. Hello I love U is a tribute to all the ideas from The Wright Brothers to Walt Disney.

Step 1

Tape out your message.

Step 2

Mix-up some watercolor tones and paint

Step 3

splatter a little watercolor. You could do this with any brush… I should have used my E.L.F brush.

Step 4

Use some blue acrylic to paint the heart.


I should include this in Road Trip. I’ll repaint it.

Published by Mireya

I am a mixed media artist. I've always been curious and creative. I have all these stories and use color, texture and nature to bring them to life. For more about Mireya and her art visit the About Page.