paint brush? Johnny tree…


with tempera paint and a little watercolor.appletree

I’m so proud of this tree and all that it stands for. I mean Johnny Appleseed is this guy who had an awesome dream and with just one seed…just one idea he changed the world. The more I think about it the crazier it seems. He traveled by foot all over for MILES AND MLES just planting seeds. Today I can drink apple juice. Oh and I did just that the other day. In a bagel shop I bought a Martinelli’s apple juice, yes the kind that comes in a apple shaped glass. From the smile to the childhood memory to the thirst quenching on a hot spring day, I thank Johnny.  Now that I realize it every single seed I spread always made a difference. The moment I realized this oh my whole world changed. Every dream is worth exploring and walking MILES AND MILES FOR no matter how crazy it seems. I say if it sounds crazy then maybe your on to something big.

I can hardly believe that my book is near completion. I’m so proud of this book.


  • use the bottom of a round craft sponge brush to get this awesome pattern
  • imagine what happens when I find extraordinary ways to use ordinary objects
  • use tempera paint
  • used watercolor for the apples but probably should of went with tempera or acrylic
  • layer light to dark when stamping
  • as you stamp think about the story and let color tell it.
  • just stamp and see what patterns emerge ( I stamped a heart)
  • dark color for the leaves
  • choose a shape for the leaves that symbolize togetherness, earth and so much more so yes a circle seems fine
  • love your design and share it.
  • create awesome contrast (light tree trunk and beautiful vibrant color for the leaves)


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible…I just love the thinks I think up!