thoughts are things



Today I sat down and edited my purpose statement. I’ve also been reading great books and the message is clear:

  • thoughts are things
  • think positive ones
  • people and circumstances at times will test you
  • have faith in what you want 

To allow yourself to be in a good place full of positive thoughts you need to be still and silent. This requires patience.  When someone  or circumstances test you, just let it go.  It takes patience to understand that this is only circumstance and better days are yet to come.  When you have full faith in what you are doing you wait and wait and your faith builds.  I hold art in my hand and I will not let it go. I ponder and walk among the trees with the breeze against my cheek. I feel the warmth…such warmth even on the coldest days.  Patience is a big part of faith. Patience had led me to all the wonderful projects I am working on. Patience has led me to this very moment in full appreciation for all who have helped me along the way.


Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.

via Daily Prompt: Patience