Book Project (Part 2)

Practice is meaningless unless you actually learn. Oh gosh were do I even begin. I feel like it’s been awhile since I wrote in my journey.  I spent a good three days going over my art for a threadless shop. Okay about a week and that week took me away from my book project.  BUT thanks to that big adventure I got some photoshop practice and the realization that I have to get in the habit of creating. I mean really create what I want period. I mean who cares how it looks. Yesterday I worked on a poem. I had it all planned out. I would upload my love poem on threadless and that would be the biggest I don’t care statement ever. Only I didn’t go through with it and here’s why:


Yes I LOVE the poem but I used the wrong tool and forget trying to remove the background in photoshop.  I tried but I came away with an awesome lesson.  Baseline or no baseline. Rules or no rules. The most important part of your design is why and how you express your idea. The best stuff is original. 

All this made me (deep breath as I write this) place a hold on my book. I found myself with easy distractions. I mean every time I was faced with the task of drawing the pictures I didn’t want to do it. I realized it’s because I have no confidence to draw. I will be working on this and as a confidence booster I THINK IT’S A GREAT TIME to take all the trees I have painted and put these in a book called wise trees.




The chapter book is a whole lot more complex and overwhelming.  The wise trees is a simple picture book that could give me confidence. In the meantime I can work on drawing. I will publish my book but I will start with a small book first.  Another lesson that I learned is that one must recognize their weaknesses and strengths. There’s a lot that I do right and I will focus on that.  In my first book I haven’t a clue how to set it up and much less illustrate it. Yet in the wise trees I have all the illustrations accept one and well I wrote the awesome story in like an hour.  Which brings me to some plans for my journal. I will focus on simple mixed media art because am I ever giving this up. NO.



I will fill my journal with these on a weekly basis but once a month I will share about my book project the wise trees and my other book project.

That brings me to 2018, well I’ll…

Imagine all the possibilities that are possible. 






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