Daily Prompt: Miraculous



What is it? Miraculous is something amazing and wonderful. I think about walking along Hogsmead. All this existed in someone’s mind and now it’s a world that we can all enjoy. Miraculous. Miraculous are the people who help me and love me when I need it the most. Okay these are my small simple miracles. Miracles happen all around us but we need to be open and live like they are here because they are. The real miracles happen where there seems to be no hope and all seems lost but for some reason there is an ounce of light and that light changes everything.

I write this as a painter and a writer who is contemplating her life. It’s always been my dream to I don’t– nothing has ever been solid. I know that I LOVE THE WAY I feel when I am in the classroom and when I AM PAINTING OR WRITING. I FIGURE MAYBE I SHOULD COMBINE THE TWO TEACHING KINDER AND working on my own side projects. I am scared even though I have guest taught for a long time now. The other day I went for a walk and realize that the best part of what success is overcoming the fear and being scared. It’s okay to feel this way and in the end who knows but there can be no doubts.





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