Lettering with Tempera Paint

tempera paint Live

A little Art History is where it all began. I came across this big magnificent book. Every page filled with art history–the story–the WHY. Right there among the pages of  Expressionism, this quote had me thinking a WONDERFUL thought.

Anyone can brush letter the word love. Most do.  But only an artist can manipulate color or whatever he or she wants to make us feel the story. There’s a difference. I don’t like the word manipulate. Maybe it works here?

Got my tempera paints in the mail. I had to mix color first.

color mixing with crayola

Then came the real reason I’m here. I was dying to recreate an amazing paint texture.


Amazing and done by a 1st grade class is even better!


I didn’t have the right tool so I made one.


I painted this mixing color right on the page in a blotting motion. Not exactly the same. I should do a softer motion so I get more texture with the brush.


I will definitely try this again. I’ll make the brush bigger and use a bit more tints. Work in layers?

That led to my  color book . I saw a leaf stamp idea that needed doing. I went outside and found the right leaf.




That idea led to this idea. Writing these letters was amazing. I just wish I could have painted on  a blank piece of paper instead. Oh well I do want to reuse every piece before I recycle.



and here we are.

tempera paint Live


The background symbolizes what I want to say. I like it….fabulous idea. Yes I’ll keep working on texture backgrounds and take notes.

What will I work on next week? Maybe it’s time to get organized, do a little 5 minute draw and have fun because it is my birthday!

Think of all the impossibilities that are possible.



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