Don’t want to be a trend

This week I had a plan to enroll in Skillshare classes.  I couldn’t resist the color theory class because I’ve already started my own notebook.

Mixing color

So I added a few more activities for this class. There’s something comforting about signing up for a class. You listen, follow the activities, and then do a cool project.  I do appreciate these fundamental courses.

Color Theory class

…best part is I used a crayola educational set. Not bad.

Working with color

The final project was to create abstract art. I wanted a scheme that represents how I felt at the moment. In the midst of it all the heart’s a ball. Good quote for this piece. So glad I did these activities because color can help me tell my story.

Abstract watercolor activity

All this led to editing old class projects.  Just looking for dumb grammar mistakes. Come to think of it, more and more watercolor and hand lettering courses are added on skillshare. They’re amazing yet seem to be teaching the same skill. Many of these are really great for practice. Come to think of it, instagram does the same thing.  There are trends and then there’s vintage lettering with food coloring. The letters are amazing, like what you’d see on a vintage bakery sign–and it’s all done in food color.  That’s something I haven’t seen.  What about the artist who did some awesome lettering with nothing but a plate and a squeezable bottle of ketchup. It’s what she wrote that made the WHOLE thing work. That’s original! I’m not seeing too much of original lately.

I don’t want to be just a trend because trends come and go. Wait!  I did something with food coloring. What a mess but oh the color!


That led me to awesome blog posts with artworks from Henri Matisse.  Yes great timing to learn how to use color to convey emotion. That led to my old designs. Almost forgot my  cool ideas. This is my journal and I can say that.


The color and the symbols remind me of the original, fearless, misunderstood, brave and even the young girl who smiles knowing adventure is waiting.

Watercolor Art

I love the unfinished impressionistic color layers. I need to erase the guide pencil marks. I didn’t scan the artwork right either, but this is just my journal. I want this to be much darker and drop liquid magenta for deep blue purple here and there. I should have used a toothbrush with gold acrylic paint for the stars. Should have added a crescent sun?

Next week I think I’ll work on Art History. My drawing is improving. What did I work on last week?

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.