watercolor and tempera

How to create Watercolor washes

Do I practice the basics or get right to the painting? Sometimes I feel like practice. Most of the time I just want to play with ideas swimming in my head. Words from a song linger in my senses. quiero ser un alma libre…I want to be a free soul. quiero ser el verbo puedo…I want to be the verb will/can…

These days my free spirit wants to paint washes and backgrounds. I love the way color goes EVERY which way. There’s no telling how beautiful the finished piece will look– until it reveals itself. Sometimes people are always told don’t until the day they DID!

About watercolor washes…

The right brush

I love the way the paint glides across the page. There’s so many brushes-flat ones, round ones and angled ones. What’s my favorite?  I’d say it’s the brush that seems simple and new. It’s the brush I’m curious about and then say WOW when I realize what it can do. A mop brush holds lots of water and beautiful paint.

This is tempera paint but the brush is a nice flat brush. Can’t wait for my primary colors to arrive in the mail!

Tempera paint you warm my heart!
Tempera paint you warm my heart!

My new love is this bamboo brush. I bought one because I saw it someplace. The artist used black ink.  I love color and wondered what kind of letters I could create. Oh I have an idea!


Speaking of contrasting color

What color do I mix together? How do I apply the paint? However I want seems best! A light color yellow with a vibrant hot pink …you take my breath away.

Pink and Yellow watercolor heart

This next one is awesome but I need to go slow and clean up my letters. I do love the message and the heart! So glad this is a journal and for my eyes only.

Watercolor heart

Mix up green with red for a murky brown? Yes save this for when I run out of brown.  I hope I can have a painitng session where I’m so lost and run out of paint and in love with this idea that I just make some brown. Having fun with color is great to listen, relax and know thyself. This is a fun exercise inspired by a skillshare class from Ana Victoria Calderon.

Pulse and Precision

Don’t get me started on the blues. Perfect example of how to hold the brush and mix color. I blobbed and dabbed. I held at an angle. I twisted and turned.  I must say there’s a spontaneity that I love. Oh but that’s the best part!!

Blue eatercolor heart washesNo one dreams of being JUST another watercolor wash.

I’ve used crayon, alcohol, acrylic,bleach, salt, straws, fabric and who knows what else. This is just me being curious. What story do I want to tell? I like using different paints and media. I love working in layers. There’s so much to try so little time. The point is to use what I want because art is really about the place it’s coming from-me and my message.

I went from this


to this.

acrylic paint stripe background

What of this here? The color is awesome but the letters well…I don’t judge.

Happy Word Art

I had this quote. Okay lets change it up. What did I do?  I painted over it!


Somehow I lost the contrast. Sometimes you lose some. I do love the quote and where this was suppse to go. The color just went terribly wrong. The letters are pretty cool. This design didn’t work out the first time so I turned it into a positive? Well I tried.  Some will see the black or be so happy that–WHAT– there’s black? Maybe I need to combine both of these designs? Maybe?

Not sure what I will be working on next week but I right now I love not knowing.

Imagine all the impossibilities that are possible.