watercolor and tempera

Happy Fourth

Freedom is a beautiful verb.

Sometimes it’s hard for grown-ups to stay in the life’s awesome phase. I keep thinking about my past summers ( swimming in the pool, drinking Kool- Aid, endless school free days) as a kid . I probably learned more with all the books I read and getting creative with games and toys.  That’s a different topic. Freedom is a verb. It’s an action. Yet, most don’t take full advantage of freedom. Where am I going with this popsiscle idea and the freedom idea?

Staying in the life’s awesome phase is a choice-a verb.

Freedom is what you do everyday to have your American Dream. Everyone has a purpose and I sure know what mine is. Sometimes it can be scary to think okay I know what I want BUT now what? What direction should I go in? What’s the best way to get there. Just go and make it happen! Live!

I went to the store and saw these… the good old days:


I love when this happens. I’m thinking and then there it is – the coolest way that I can express what I’m feeling-to say what I want to say and most importantly excercise the freedom do it my way! That’s freedom and it’s an exciting scary! More on this whole idea and just wait… I painted an awesome quote to express this! I’m adding that to my journal next week or so.

Watercolor Popsicles

This is a little before and after to show my progress.

Watercolor Bomb Pop

The one on the right is the old one. The yellow and pink popsicle is a new idea I’m working on. I love the new bomb pop I painted. I’m going to paint more popsicles to work on my basic skills. What happened with the stick?

My goals for this summer are:

  • Read up on art history.
  • Wrap up my side projects (3 more)
  • Go back to the basics

I’ll put away all of my projects and focus on pulse precision and color mixing. I recently discovered that I need this practice. Okay I’ve known it all along BUT makes smarter sense to focus on one task, master it and move on to drawing. I’ve got the freedom to do my best and do the tons of practice.

  • finish editing my book

I’m almost done with editing.  Then I’ll move on to the illustrations.

Gosh no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to narrow the focus down. This is a good list.

Happy Fourth!

Everything Is Possible