Tempera Paint, You Warm My Heart.

Okay did I just write that. Well okay why not. There I was, in high school ceramics art class. I had flashbacks of holding the clay in my hand and twisting it along the cold table and then piece by piece pinching it together to create an awesome vase- wait get back to my guest teaching. It was amazing to walk around and see everyone’s projects. What’s the story behind these projects aside from I’m just here to earn credit. I found them all to be amazing. Then the tempera paint kept calling my name.  I kept thinking paint. Oh I can practice the principle of rhythm.  Rhythm is visual movement in your piece.  I’ve got 15 minutes of free time at lunch and I’m doing this. I chose to use the element of shape and color to express rhythm with color.

Yes I felt like a kid in a candy story.  Here we go.

Didn’t have paper so OKAY I’ll use a paper towel. That’s the great part of creativity. You learn about working with what you got and make magic.
Mixed up some orange. Ooooh do I see hearts. I love this color here and feel like I should mix paint right on the canvas or should I say paper towel in this case. I SHOULD AND WILL. Add that to my calendar right now.

Here we go. I wanted to create a rhythm with the dots pattern. The emotions are happy and calm leading up to cheerful yellow…what I felt from start to finish .

Up close just look at the texture. I just painted these and no pencil sketch or anything. I really need to buy some of this paint. What a powerful example of how curiosity can lead to amazing art.
So pretty.
Not bad for a little time, tempera paint and an awesome lesson on rhythm. Wait next time I will make the E’s a little thicker.

-everything is possible.


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