thoughts, watercolor and tempera

I’m a Master

in the making. I dream of flying here and there (Mexico an New York) to give my speech on how my art came to life. Yes I draw every single day and get paid lots of money to do it!  Yeah not exactly here… yet.  BUT I will be! I could care less about the money. Okay I care some. The point I’m making is I will draw and paint for as long as I can physically do it.

I’m taking baby steps and teaching online. There are two great ways to BE who you want to be. Just be. Teach an online class and work on the kind of projects you want. Be your own client they say. So okay I’m saying OKAY!

All of these classes are 1o minutes or less.


Click on this link here:


Click on the link here:

I need to take this class again. It’ s that good!


Checkout this class! Tons of awesome help!


-Nothing is impossible!