Be a Fan of Your Own Work

This goes both ways. Yes I know that I’m on my mini vacation right now. BUT I thought I’ d set up four journal entries of some awesome lessons that I know I’ll be thinking about.  I HAD to add them to my journal. So goodbye journal! I will see you Easter Sunday! Yippee I love Easter! I love all holidays!

I went from this


to this


to this

and this

ugliness happened…well I’m proud of this piece because it was great practice. Now I know not to use color like this. I mixed it too much brown and didn’t like the shade of orange here but the orange in blue is heaven.


All of my practice led me to this!

I am proud of my work. STOP comparing my work to others. THIS BUGS ME. My work is not suppose to look like anyone’s work. IT’S ME! Yes I have to figure out how to use a camera. LOL  I have lots more ideas. Practice and more practice!

-nothing is impossible


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I have all these stories and use color, texture and nature to bring them to life. My favorite supplies are watercolor, acrylic, and fun tools. I just want to create.