Be a Fan of Your Own Work

This goes both ways. Yes I know that I’m on my mini vacation right now. BUT I thought I’ d set up four journal entries of some awesome lessons that I know I’ll be thinking about.  I HAD to add them to my journal. So goodbye journal! I will see you Easter Sunday! Yippee I love Easter! I love all holidays!

I went from this


to this


to this

and this

ugliness happened…well I’m proud of this piece because it was great practice. Now I know not to use color like this. I mixed it too much brown and didn’t like the shade of orange here but the orange in blue is heaven.


All of my practice led me to this!

I am proud of my work. STOP comparing my work to others. THIS BUGS ME. My work is not suppose to look like anyone’s work. IT’S ME! Yes I have to figure out how to use a camera. LOL  I have lots more ideas. Practice and more practice!

-nothing is impossible


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I am a mixed media artist. I've always been curious and creative. I have all these stories and use color, texture and nature to bring them to life. My purpose is to inspire others with my beautiful thoughts be it books or art. My art is freedom to express my curiosity, creativity, and the inner child. For more about Mireya and her art visit the About Page.