Tired Or Not…

Lately I haven’t had a good night’s rest. Just getting over a terrible cold or flu-not sure what it was but it’s almost gone. YAY!  This week seems like a great week for a sabbatical. This whole love poem has me crazy with ideas. Should I do this or do that. All I know is I just want to paint and draw and see where that takes me. It’s like working all day  in the classroom or at work.  Then finally a long awaited awesome recess or vacation. All you want to do is run like the wind and go wild. There’s no what ifs, or maybe ,or but I’m scared, or don’t know.  You just ride like the wind!  Maybe you fall, but who cares, because you’ll get back up and try again. YEAH that’s how I feel. Didn’t even realize this until one day, last week, when I felt bored bored bored.  Do you ever hate routine work?


That led me to this week. What kind of work do I want to create?  The kind of work that makes me happy. What makes me happy? Well I can remember a whole lot that made me happy when I was a kid. The world seems to be telling me to let go and embrace that weird or unique “me”. Trust in my ideas and just do it!

Trees make me happy.

Here’s a little project that I worked on.





Recently. I needed a reminder to just play and do what makes me happy. I think I found it. I am working on some other fun stuff this week. No worries I’m thinking of color and  a magical way to artistically present my poem to the world.

-nothing really is impossible NOTHING


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I have all these stories and use color, texture and nature to bring them to life. My favorite supplies are watercolor, acrylic, and fun tools. I just want to create.